Ojos azules, breeds description cats

Photos, description cats breed Ojos azules, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cats breed Ojos azules, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

From the Spanish name of the breed “Ojos azules” is shifted as the “blue-eyed”. In the second half of the 19th century the species has been bred in the United States. In the same year, scientists are interested in the breed because of the inherent representatives Ojos azules eye color, which, according to many is not just blue, and the color blue of the sky. Therefore, the method of selection, created a breed once considered rare, because a minority of cats are born with blue eyes and without Siamese. Based on the kind of cat is named Konflaue, apparently having tortoiseshell and blue eyes. Although the date of foundation cats, the breed was registered as an independent and unique it was in 2004.

A major role is played only the color of the eye that makes a fundamentally unimportant everything else, even the color of the coat. Blue eyes show a good performance mutational experiments, due to a dominant gene So. If the kitten is born blue-eyed, with the least pronounced white shades of the coat, it is automatically considered to representatives Ojos azules. In the presence of white spots on the trunk, a mandatory feature for belonging to this breed is the white tip of the tail. As Ojos azules not recognized as representatives of Himalayan species and diligent to them mestizos that own white coat color. Pedigree cats small, external body sizes. The body of a dense, strong and at the same time is slim and graceful. For belonging to breed Ojos azules need at least one blue eye, are common pets with colored eyes.

you need to know a very important rule to continue the kind of cats: you can not cross two identical copies. The gene that was responsible for the birth of a cat with blue eyes, will cause a negative impact on the health and vitality of the new generation. For their own personal characteristics will be excellent cat household inhabitants. Kitten friendly, peace-loving, playful and not at all aggressive.

They do not require special care, specialized food or living conditions. It is recommended not often comb cats medium hardness brush to their rather short hair look great. Well adapted to the new place and tested acclimatization.

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