Ducks breed mulard

Description breed mulard, characterization, breeding, and photos

Description breed mulard, characterization, breeding, and photos

This is the piece displayed breed, which is used for the purpose of quality meat production. Wild birds breed mulard not meet in an open environment, they grow only in large poultry farms or small household farms. The most ancient ancestor is Common Mallard, the blood can be found in virtually all breeds of ducks. But if you go back in our days, it is necessary to address to the Beijing and musk duck, as they are a result of cross-breeding have given a positive result. So the light has turned a brand new breed of meat ducks – mulard. This is the most common ducks raznovid mulard, but can also be found specimens of this breed, which are based on genetic material or Orpingtonskih Rouen ducks, which are not inferior to its productive qualities. Thus, the breed has become very popular on most continents, but it’s all thanks to the human mind, which created such a valuable breed of ducks.

Productive qualities ducks mulard be at a high level. Meat hasty, diet with pleasant flavors. Part of the fat becomes 3% relative to the total weight of the body, even in winter percentage does not grow. But there is one feature of these ducks, which breed presents significantly over others – massive liver. Chef’s finest restaurants are using To prepare the well-known not only foie gras goose liver, but also duck. But not every duck liver suit, but in mulard large and has a good taste. This is the most expensive part of the duck, and most importantly, that it is in great demand. Therefore mulard ducks are grown on small farms and in large poultry farms.

Breed mulard purchased only the best qualities of their ancestors. Genitive Beijing duck breeds and Cantaloupe had significant flaws that could not be eliminated within the breed. The first is that the maturation rate is very low. To have a lot to feed and wait for the result for a long time, mate began to duck as a little late. Peking duck in the composition of meat are high in fat, and Musk have at least low levels. Experts took into account all the shortcomings and to successfully remove them, creating a breed mulard.

Ducks mulard have a number of advantages which can be a long time to write. the first is of course the same earliness and taste of the meat. In just 3-4 months duck is ready to mate and can weigh up to 7 kg, depending on the sex of poultry. Drakes are usually heavier than ducks just something for half a kilo, so it is very beneficial to keep a lot of females who have also excellent egg production. The home grown mulard very simple, because they are not whimsical and well grow on usual green grass and vegetables. And productive, mass conditions in special fattening feed live weight of ducks can be compared with the hybrid. Another no less important feature is the quiet nature. Mulard balanced, so they almost do not get nervous. After all, when the duck gets nervous or worried, it begins to emit different sounds, and when the whole pack of them, these sounds are sometimes bad for the man. Mulard quiet, and if they are concerned that they are not loud hiss. And they are very clean, unlike their relatives Beijing, Himalayan Black Mirror and ducks. They need to clean and dry the excess moisture weakens the immune system and diseases and contributes to moisture.

The most high-quality combination for output mulard breed ducks consists of musk ducks and Beijing. The first breed is famous for its great weight and quality of meat, and the other good egg production. Peking duck for the cycle can carry about 200 eggs, which are oval in shape and large. Oplodotvoritelnost eggs and safety of the young have a strong performance, so the offspring have a strong and healthy. Combining the quality of Beijing and musk ducks, turned a strong, hardy breed with great live weight and good egg production.

Newborn ducklings mulard small and clumsy, but just a week of weight up to 1.5 kg, while in adulthood weigh up to 7 kg. But most of all ducks slaughtered at a younger age, when their weight becomes 4 kg, only large industries ducks fed longer to get a larger bird. Mulard Foods does not need more than the usual ducks, but the result is a record weight for ducks. Another advantage over other ducks – a large and fatty liver, which, when amplified breast can weigh up to 500-550, the only negative is that mulard fruitless, because it kind of hybrid. Though males and fertilized eggs but goose carry them quite a lot, is the quality of mulard received from the Beijing duck.

Often a lot of hybrid ducks are ill or go to work, because a lot of pressure is carried out on a limb because of the large trunk. But mulard very strong and have good immunity. Well adapted to any latitude and weather conditions. The main thing is to provide a clean, dry and warm environment for the maintenance of duck well and reservoir performance. Visa aquatic ducks take a lot of nutrients, which can replace the special food and vegetables.

All this should be aware of when buying ducks mulard breed. Some unscrupulous vendors can provide you with the little ducklings any other breed as mulard and one coloring they do not distinguish. The fact that there are many varieties and they all have different colors. The only thing that does not make you doubt – a snow-white color of the duck and black spot on the head. This feature indicates that this is the most high-quality duck breed mulard. Still do not trust sellers that these ducks breed. Some inexperienced farmers can claim that cover drakes ducks, but if fertilization occurs, the offspring die in the bud. Therefore it is necessary to think carefully about what you buy young animals only for 1 year, as long as keep the duck does not make sense. His full weight mulard gaining in 4 months of age, and should be carried out when the slaughter.

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