Karelian bobtail, breed description cats

Photos, description Karelian Bobtail cat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Karelian Bobtail cat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety Karelian Bobtail is characterized by its fairly rare characteristics. The most rare feature of the breed is its shorter tail, so the representatives considered rare. The first copies of the breed became known to the world in the second half of the 19th century (about 1992). Later, a kind of cats received a unique brand standard CFF, the representatives also recognized the WCF World Association.

Many cat lovers believe that the current Karelian Bobtail breed are distant descendants of Norwegian wild cats, this is confirmed by their exterior signs. Cats have a strong, medium-sized, embossed constitution; front legs much longer than the back; small tail is straight, sometimes curved, like a small fluffy ball; wool cover, in comparison with other breeds, half long, but across different exceptions, dominated by wool Karelian Bobtail own, pronounced undercoat. Coat color is absolutely varied, a very rare species of cats, who are present all shades except: chocolate, lilac or colorpoints. Beautiful eyes and think these cats will not leave anyone indifferent, wide open yellow, green or blue eyes look smart and shrewd feline look. For lovers of pets with a calm disposition, or for those who just loves the silence, our cat will suit perfectly.

Pet undemanding to dwelling conditions can easily live in a big house, a small hut or city apartment. Acclimatized well even at low temperatures, given the weak cat cold acclimatization of other species. little “talk” The representatives of the breed, very often you can hear from them elementary cat “meow”.

If the cat really needs something, then most suitable person and by all means try to show what she wants, for example, will be host to touch foot, rub against the owner. And meow like other cats, Karelian Bobtail do not know how, they do sweet tweets, melodic sounds or habitual silence. The cat household chores do not take little or no participation of the person they are proud and independent. Scientists have proved that this breed is the Norwegian heirs, so a lot of habits in the Karelian Bobtail representatives from the private wild ancestors. The hectic life cute cat, affectionate and gentle, in any case, not intrusive. From birth have a genetic form of family life, which is a good feature for the owners. After all, the effect of pride is not usefulness to mark territory, eliminating the unnecessary trouble. Caring for cats is nothing supernatural. Scratching your pet should be quite stiff brush, medium hard brush or a special metal comb that hair was beautiful and well-groomed. In addition, other forms of conventional care, like all felines representatives.

Cats are well developed as hunters do not need special food and eat almost anything that is in the house. Main, do not forget to add in food different types of vitamins for better immunity, healthy appearance and good attitude. Karelian Bobtail owners understand that pets are able to create a constant comfort, warmth and a certain warmth. The character of cats different positive attitude, peace-loving, curious, kindness and sincerity. Pets are not capricious and did not go to conflict, are left alone at home without creating any problems.

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