Scottish Fold, Scottish Fold

Photos, description Scottish cat breed Scottish Fold, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Scottish cat breed Scottish Fold, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Immediately after the birth of the representatives of Scottish Fold cat breed Scottish fold cat enjoyed great popularity among many countries in the world. It is known that the first kid appeared represented species in the intervals of the 20th century, in the results of complex mutational experiments breed British shorthair cats.

For their own pets Exterior Features possess such traits: broad, a large body; rounded, slightly plump figure; wide tail; a large, round head, with expressive, round eyes; special characteristic of cats – original ears, which have a small crease near the base, and this factor leads out to a small inclination forward, it turns out that the lugs are bent slightly. Wool cover in unusual pets ash, cool colors. Hairs of medium length, and the touch – plush.

The character of the kids like their own distant relatives – the British. Pets such as peace-loving, friendly and hospitable. To the outside world, livestock are patiently and without aggression, enjoy playing with the children and go to the contact with other adults or other inhabitants of the house in which they live. Earlier, representatives of the Scottish Fold Scottish Fold named (this name is common now), or simply fold. With personal responsibilities of pet, breed copes perfectly presented. Cats are intelligent, flexible, have good intelligence and a strong mental characteristics, ie, if the owner needed somewhere to absent himself, Scottish Fold will not be bored or depressed.

Wool this breed is not very long, or other unusual symptoms, so care it does not take much. Periodically, you need to bathe a cat, and a special brush to comb. Correctly composed diet to pets will always be in a good mood and good physical form, as you know, representatives of Scottish Fold have an incredible immune system.

Problems with such pets owners almost never occurs. In the history of the output cats were many cases inexperienced crossing represented species, so this must be taken seriously. For reasons of breed product by mutation, the breed Scottish Fold often have health problems, and the error in the cross is the greatest threat to the health of pets, you need to consider when the self-force.

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