Ceausu, cat breed

Photos, description breed cats Ceausu, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed cats Ceausu, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The species breeds of cats Ceausu relates to hybrid species. To create the representatives of the breed were involved in domestic shorthair cats, Abyssinian pets and wild jungle cat (original title “felis chaus”), and, in fact, a result of crossing was born the first cat Ceausu rock (or even as they called, cats House, House, Schaus). Their appearance kittens can be compared with the savanna or Bengali representatives. It owns the beginning of a kind of picks since 1990, the last century, when a group of enthusiastic fans decided to bring a new kind of pets. They do not creation, but rather a continuation of the creation Ceausu. As is well known, it was previously reported experiments, connected with the spread of domestic cats and representatives reed cats. However, some studies assert that similar to the Ceausu breed existed in the days of ancient Egypt, where as a result of natural mating were born the same pets.

For its own conformation data, cats have similar characteristics: strong, resilient and quite a relief body; long, large paws; a medium-sized head, with distinctive, highly placed cheekbones and large ears. Variations inherent short woolen blanket, and often representatives Ceausu own specified colorings hairs: a rich saturated black, black with gray tabby ticked tides, or the light brown ticked tabby. These shades of woolen coats give cats uniqueness. Externally, much like pets enough with their own wild distant ancestors.

Pets are ideal for those who will be able to monitor the kids, because kitties control is a must. Do pupils have enough power that restrain a kitten can not. Representatives Chaus really playful and active. Play seems to be a calling cats. Mischief will constantly observe everything that is happening around, will run for the owner, leaving him alone. If you have some time was not at home, and came back, all is turned upside down, open all the doors and locks – do not be surprised, just your pets bored. Cats are very caring and sincere, would be happy to support your own host.

Pets will be perfect for those who do will be to deal with them, to devote much time and attention to the development of the cats. Although representatives Ceausu very naughty, if you find an approach to them, the kids will be able to carry a lot of heavy teams who will not be able to perform any other pet varieties. The house with the kittens will never be alone, they will all ways to gain the attention and engage in a variety of entertainment that cats have come up with on their own. Leave pets at home alone is not recommended, not, not only because cats can turn everything into chaos, and due to the fact that the kids will be bored in such cases developing depressive stage in pets.

The kind of care Ceausu unpretentious periodically bathe and brush your cats a special brush, and make a correct diet, which will enhance the health of your beloved pets.

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