Burmese cat breed description

Photos, description breeds Burmese cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breeds Burmese cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the first half of the 20th century (about 1930) of myanmskoy capital Yangon (Rangoon until 1989) it was exported first brown cat breed Burmese. In the future, imported a cat crossed with a Siamese representative, which was the basis of a new species. Over time, the breed began to improve, and was divided into two subgroups, what the opinions were divided, and the second line of cats recognized not all organizations. But still, are two different breeds of branches: the American and the British (or European) Burmese.

For its own conformation data Burmese representatives possess the following characteristics: not long silky hair-like sheen on the satin and wool to the touch cover is soft and gentle; Figured cats do not is large, strong body, a pronounced relief and muscular; chest convex and rounded; foot medium-sized, rear stand long enough from the front; Ideally pets are in the middle of the harmonic dimension between the Siamese and British representatives, as we know, the British breed is more elegant, sophisticated and at the same time, massive and Siamese – light and thin, flexible stretched body. The head of a medium-sized cat, which accurately and extensively deployed beautiful ears, with a tidy endings, big and expressive eyes, with a penetrating gaze, eye color is bright yellow or bright green with yellow hues shimmering.

Buying home representative of the Burmese species must take into account some characteristics of cats. With the birth of pets tend to reign, so I just will not obey the owners. Good manners and habits of pets must be constantly learning, instilling kittens only good quality. With the proper education of your favorites will become fast friends, good babysitters for children, absolutely quiet, not responding to conflict situations cats. Pets have excellent intelligence, elegance and its own individual characteristics. Burmese pets can not be left alone, they can not tolerate it, no problem traveling to tolerate any, even the public, transport. Keep playing and curious to explore the outside world, only in the period adventure quest need careful attention, because may get lost or just run away in the gusts of self-interest (which will not happen with the constant communication and attention on the part of pet owners).

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