Himalayan cat

Photos, description breed cats Himalayan, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description breed cats Himalayan, characteristic for home breeding

Often the name of the origin of the Himalayan cat breeds mistakenly referred to as the cats that were bred in the Himalayan mountains, which is completely wrong. In fact, representatives of the pets so called in honor of the Himalayan breed of rabbits. As you know cats of this breed have a color, which is similar in accuracy as the color of the coat of rabbits. In the first half of the 20th century (about the fortieth year), the Himalayan cats have been bred by breeders.

From other species of livestock own different color, different from and at the same time like a Siamese coloring, and the cats are some of the varieties of the Persian breed, from which cats have many characteristics and genetic forms. For conformation characteristics in cats is the same figure as the representatives of the Persian breed. Large size, beautiful and muscular body, rounded, long and short legs. The head of the cat of medium size, rounded and with beautiful, clear outlines, which neatly arranged small, wide ears, large eyes and expressive, medium size, straight nose. The tail section is characterized by its splendor, near the foundations of a wider tail and the end of the constriction. Wool cover in the Himalayan pets quite liberally covers all the body. At the touch of the hairs are soft, lush and thick.

As you know, in a sort of Himalayan Siamese cats were representatives, and that was the reason that pets have dominated Siamese coloring. color is based on the feet to the basics, and on the face, as if the small mask that makes the kittens even more cute. Characteristics of cats as a pet is good enough. The character is a bit like pets as Persian and Siamese on representatives, but at the same time they develop their own quality.

Compared with Persian cats, in the Himalayan more demands and enterprise. Over time, it becomes a great pet obedience than was once. Each new generation is born with some new features, and at the moment, and any wild emotional quality declined sharply as representatives Siamese, Himalayan become excellent pets and faithful friends to those who tames them. To get used to the owner quickly and most of the time spend at home. Excellent feel in a big company, and will be good with other pets. Do not be afraid to leave a cat with the children, because the cat can be a long time patiently to play with kids.

Externally, the kittens are very beautiful, and that is displayed on the good heart and soul beauty. Besides the beauty inherent in pet developed mind and intellect. Particular care pets do not require only a well-formed diet and periodic grooming.

To ensure that your pets are always healthier and energetic, add in food special vitamin supplements that will also strengthen the immune system and increase resistance to disease. Himalayan pet is suitable for those who have a large family, and someone is always there at home, because loneliness cats suffer very badly and can not sit for a long time in a cell or indoors.

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