Snow Shoo, cat

Photos, description cats breed Snowshoe, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cats breed Snowshoe, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the second half of the last century (about 1960 years) in one of the Philadelphia plant owned community of fans of cats, Siamese random generation of people with the original external features of the breed kittens cats Snowshoe, who were immediately seen. One breeder was most touched by the three newborn babies, who were formed on the legs white socks. After this case a woman for a long time tried to bring a similar kind. In a short time, when scientists realized that he needed help, she turned to her friend from Virginia, as a result of two colleagues concurred, and by crossing the Siamese and American Shorthair pets formed newly made, the desired species. Vikki Olander (so-called virgin breeder) did not stop at the achieved results and to develop standards for the established breed, thanks to her Snowshoe been recognized officially the world.

Unfortunately, the interest in this breed representatives lasted a short time interval, shortly Olander of Virginia was the only cat breeder, which is engaged in breeding of pets with white socks in the US (the action takes place in 1977). Within three years, lover of Snowshoe constantly in an attempt to preserve this breed of cats that were not in vain. Later Vicki began to join other interested person in the output of varieties, the joint efforts of several cat lovers pets deserve the title. In the initial stages of production Snowshoe was not excessively beloved or popular, over time, things have changed for the better.

These days, pets can be seen anywhere, the new century has spread and made the breed very popular. The scientists plan to continue to engage and improve without an original kind of Snowshoe, changing their physique and proportionally increasing the standard sizes of cats. As a result of crossing two varieties have been created with an interesting cat triugolnovidnoy head, which neatly placed big ears with pronounced black spots and expressive blue eyes. Representatives Snowshoe have short wool cover a variety of colors: Blue-Point, Point-forces, dark chocolate and others. For their own qualities cats incredible and different from others. A feature of pets is the love of the water. Agree, not every cat can plunge into a bath full of water, or just jump into the lake or pool.

Pets quickly attached to the personal owner, perfectly amenable to training, with the help of which they can be easily trained many complex tricks. In general, it seems that pupils consider themselves, the constant manifestation of human qualities in relation to the surrounding world, as well as love, when they reciprocate that, however, also refers to the features of the human character.

Many developers do not want to work with the breeding of this breed, it is due to the weight of the playback of all the qualities that characterize a variety of representatives of Snowshoe.

  • Firstly, this exterior faces of kittens, and it differs form an inverted V. Receive similar line S by using a gene which lies at the dominant level. In fact, the more the basics of the gene pool of the gene is present – the greater part of feline faces will be painted white, similar colors need another a rare gene, so to control the process of having a white color is not so simple.
  • Second, the special and greatest distinctiveness from the representatives of other breeds – white socks. The name “Snowshoe” breed was precisely this difference in honor, or whatever it is called, “white shoes”. Again, the same criterion involved in such a line S-gene. Print a purebred cat with a pronounced feature as in primitive representatives is quite difficult, so rarely born kittens with white socks on the part of the forelegs to the ankles, and in the back – to bend the knee, and often newborn pets have reversed colors.
  • Third, as is known in the production of pet Siamese representatives attended, but receive intensive Siamese coloring wool color is incredibly difficult due to the lack of certain color genes.
  • And finally, fourth, exterior size and shape of pets. To achieve proportional and harmonizing the form of the head in relation to the body, is a difficult task, trying to unravel the puzzle that many cat lovers. pets Constitution must be solid, strong and at the same time refined and extended.

Breeding representatives of Snowshoe cat for a variety of organizations and communities is too complicated procedure, so take up the production of only a few. Improper breeding breed can face a large number of congenital problems or close genetic imperfections, so to achieve a good performance in the output of pets, you need to examine all factors and details of species. Most often, the kittens will be born with a defect of the tail, and, according to some scientists, the breeding program are excluded. Pets Snowshoe original immunitetnymi have strong performance, resistance to diseases, calm disposition and peaceful temperament.

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