Cat Chito

Photos, description cat breed Chito, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cat breed Chito, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Fans of enthusiasts, who were engaged in breeding varieties represented in the initial stages had plans to create a pet that will be similar to the wild cheetahs. In 2001 we began the first development desired and as a result we see now, they were successful. With the original title of cats (English), it becomes clear that the cat breeds in Chito own genetic fund has gepardovymi inclinations. You must agree that the name “cheetoh” has quite a similarity to “chetaah”, that is, the name of cheetahs. In fact, in the withdrawal of species Chito were involved representatives of the Bengal and Ocicat breeds.

Themselves cats were selected very carefully, because the very purpose of the experiment was not easy. For personal data conformation pets have these characteristics: a medium-sized, round head, with pronounced cheekbones and sharp little ears; the body and the cats long enough relief; legs long and muscular; eyes, as a rule, cats are incredibly beautiful, large, expressive, with a keen look greenish or pale blue; long, the same throughout the length of the tail.

Externally pets have unrealistic similarities with their distant relatives: the original, spotted the coat color, has a medium-sized black or dark gray spots (which really resembles cheetahs). Hairs are short, abundantly covered all the body. And from their ancestors Ocicats by which Chito were born, they adopted kitties unique gait, pets are able to sneak up very quietly, that most typical of the wild, rather than pets.

Despite the fact that the external data suggest wild breed characteristics, pets Chito always behave very gentle and responsive. Tame cats is not difficult, besides the representatives of the variety quickly become accustomed and attached to the property owner, become tame toddlers. Owners of such cats breed pets are completely satisfied, before you do anything cats necessarily deliberate act, if necessary, and can ask permission. Behavior Chito more than satisfactory, and most cats behaves more like a dog, not a cat.

Men of the cats is characterized in that the males behave quite unusual for representatives of the cat, cats have paternal instincts, are always ready to take care of their own kids.

Representatives Chito possess incredible intelligence, calm temperament and do not require special care. It is necessary to periodically bathe your pet, create a diet that he has provided not only food, but also the nutrients cats.

On the downside can be attributed only species that the purchase of this pet is expensive and difficult, so the owners of cats worldwide listed quite small, which makes Chito quite unique and original cats.

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