Cao Mani cat

Photos, description breed cats Khao Mani, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed cats Khao Mani, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives of breed cats Cao Mani is one of the most ancient species. Their origin occurred in parallel with the Siamese breed, cats were also bred in Thailand. Since the founders of Cao Mani were Taiwanese, and the name of cats native to the same language, and means “white gem.” These pets are very popular and quite ancient. In one of the oldest books on cats, which was written in the years 1350-1767, can be found a few chapters, which describes the unusual snow-white representatives Cao Mani. This manuscript, which can be read mention of the breed represented, called “book of poems about cats.” Although there is written about cats in the form of rhyming poem, there are free translations that was written by a certain idea of ​​”Home favorite, who has a sixth number.

Outwardly has abundant snow-white wool coat and unique, precious eyes. The cat owner will bring home a lot of happiness, honor, and excessive wealth. ” On their own homeland territories of the breed Cao Mani enjoy high popularity and respect. Based on this honor for cats, one of the pupils of the variety was a guest at the ceremony, the crown takes place in Thailand in 1926.

For its own conformation these pets have similar characteristics: a strong, but quite delicate to look at the body, which has some of the features of the eastern subtle body; distinguishing characteristic are colored eyes that are often inherent to representatives of species, it is considered that various colors eyeballs brings more happiness into the house, so there are light blue, light yellow, green eyes, and especially cats are considered one eye of one color, and a different color another; pets Cao Mani have a dominant gene that affects the white color wool cover, short hairs themselves, but to the touch hair smooth, silky and richly embossed adjacent to the torso pets.

Sami person Well presented breeds are excellent pets. Cats are peaceful, love to spend time in big companies, no matter what. Nature gave cats high intelligence, wit, and sociability. Pets love to play and their own can come up with a lot of fun, involving all play together. In general, a variety of Cao Mani also appreciated by their wonderful background and long history. By good owner kittens breed Cao Mani accustomed quickly, will gladly chase master and try to help everyone, pets are also configured carefully and patiently looking after small children. Distribution of species does not use a lot of practice, to obtain such a pet pretty hard to breed kittens and is also dangerous: if something goes wrong in the crossing, the newborn kitties are deaf.

In fact, it is shown that in most cases, blue-eyed pets Cao Mani born deaf. In addition to all these disadvantages, the acquisition of such pets on the territory of our country is practically impossible.

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