York Chocolate Cat

Photos, description breed York Chocolate cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed York Chocolate cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the second half of the last century (around 1980), on an American farm, which belonged to a woman named Janet Chifari, a new breed of cat has been bred under the name “York Chocolate.” Often hear the name of the breed, its origins are confused with the city of New York, which is a gross mistake. In fact, the name of the representatives of the cat comes from a combination of chocolate tones in the basic color of the coat and the State of New York, but not of the metropolis.

Bred breed was quite by accident, sometimes on the farm was born a little kitten, which was named after Browne, it was characterized by rich chocolate color of the wool coat. After some time the cat gave birth to a baby of the same chocolate, this was the manifestation of interest in, to create a new kind of cat, or rather consolidate the already successful results. Rumor has it that the distant descendants of the founder of a cat in the family Browne observed by representatives of the Siamese breed, what naturally believe hard enough.

In the outer characteristics characteristic of cats is their unusual coat color, which can not fail to be proud of. Although the title given only one color name (chocolate), cats have, and many other varied color schemes. For example, chocolate with purple tints, shades of chocolate with white, purple with white color. Often, seeing a few pictures, which show the representatives of the York Chocolate cat, you might think that SEALs are not so interested in their own color, but believe me, it is just because with the help of a photo is impossible to convey the beauty of color pets. Also, often the kids are born with a pronounced tabby markings, but with age the band dissolved in the basic color the coat. Hairs themselves are not very long, they are medium in size, the touch soft and silky as satin.

For its own conformation traits, cats have similar characteristics: pets trunk is large enough (and sometimes larger animals weigh up to seven kilograms), a powerful body and moderately muscled; cats head small, rounded, gently placed her large, expressive eyes, tonsils and in the form of saturated or greenish brown.

As pets, York Chocolate representatives will be for your own good friend and helper. Cats are distinguished by their personal hospitality, sincerity, friendliness and peaceful. Cats favorite pastime is spending time near the pet owner or just nearby and even help in some way possible. York pupils have a positive attitude to other inhabitants of the house, with other animals cats behave well, constantly and are ready to help and care, without expecting anything in return. What kind of chocolate has been bred on the farm, it gave them a kind of wild genetic beginning of what is displayed in the hunting qualities of cats.

York Chocolate pets differ incredible immune system and resistance to various diseases. Unfortunately, as an independent breed with its own standard York Chocolate cat is not accepted, so to find representatives virtually impossible outside the borders of their homeland – the United States and Canada. But, this time as an experimental variety of pets are fairly high popularity among the lovers of cats and various kotyachih associations.

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