Balinese cat breed description

Photos, description cat breeds Balinese, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cat breeds Balinese, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

At first glance, it seems that the breed Balinese (Bali) cat is named after the well-known island of Bali which is a misconception because the island representatives of this breed have nothing to do. Bred species was in the fifties of the last century on the territory of modern America, and is currently the only representative of the floor long-haired Siamese modification of species.

Exterior characteristics of this breed pets: graceful, small trunk, with slightly elongated body; legs in cats long enough, with beautiful legs; head of medium size, rounded, it is placed on a long, straight nose, almond shaped expressive eyes. Wool cover pets thin, silky to the touch like satin, without a downy undercoat.

Pets Balinese species have various woolen coat Color: blue, power, purple or chocolate shades. By purchasing this home a pet you need to consider several factors, which are incorporated in cats on a subconscious level.

The character is very similar to the Siamese members, splitting very curious, active, lots of talk, and incredibly quickly become accustomed to the owner and their dedication to a good boss no limits. So, as cats are beautiful on the outside, as they are different and the beauty of their own hearts. Pets are very peace-loving, fond of children, patiently play with them, and generally excellent feel in the house, which is full of people, because loneliness cats hardly tolerate. In Balinese species (or Balinese) are well developed hunting quality.

The special care pets do not need, so everything is standard: periodically bathe and comb cats with special brushes, and in the diet to add all kinds of vitamin supplements to support the immune system and the appearance of a healthy pet.

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