Ural Rex, cat breed description

Photos, description breed Ural Rex cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed Ural Rex cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Compared with other species breed Ural Rex mainly differs from its other internal, external qualities and species belongs to the young. Most domestic cats lovers prefer the representatives of this breed.

Ural Rex differ in their elevated immunitetnymi quality, good woolen cover, which is not irritant for individuals prone to allergies. Large family home for an excellent representatives of the breed, the cat is easy to become friends with your babies and happy to meet with all of your friends or acquaintances. And for you personally pet would be a good friend and quickly become attached to the host.

Pets too lively, playful, curious, and well-developed in terms of hunting.

In caring for the cats breed Ural Rex should be considered a little bit: the main thing is constantly combing the hair with a special brush, rarely, but thoroughly wash cats child or cat shampoo with a gentle formula for the coat, to draw up a diet pet food and do not forget to add to the mandatory vitamins for more development pets. At the moment, the owners of the Ural cats have the ability to raise a primitive representatives of the breed, because the scientists plan to create new instances. Many associations working breeding methods has no plans to stop, but on the contrary, continue to develop and have already received a kind and will soon bring it to perfection.

For its conformation traits breed has similar characteristics: well-developed, relief, toned body; tail medium size along the entire length without any thickening and rounded at the end; feet for small size, slim, smart, strong and have oval paws; pets head like an equilateral triangle is wide; large, wide muzzle with pronounced cheekbones and outlines; powerful, round little chin; at the head of widely deployed mid-size, tall, straight, and at the base of the broad ears, rounded at the endings; the profile of the breed have a smooth transition in the area of ​​the lower eyelid; eyes in cats similar to small tonsils, extensive and a little oblique, their color is almost always harmonious look with a touch of the coat; himself a woolen cover abundantly covers all body wavy, thin and elastic hairs.

Pets Ural Rex characterized as medium-sized, cute animals, perfectly suitable for home life in virtually any environment, the main thing to give them the necessary love, attention and warmth.

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