Abyssinian breed description

Photos, description breed Abyssinian cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed Abyssinian cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Breed Abyssinian cat named one of the most ancient species. Primeval representative breed is virtually impossible to find, but one version is exported from Abyssinia, now called Ethiopia, for cat named Zula. He was engaged in the export in the second half of the 19th century (about 1868), naturalist, who was born and lived in England, Napier. Many modern and ancient legends and mythologies of the assert that it is the representatives of this breed previously lived in ancient Egypt, and in the first-born kittens blood was incredible and graceful pets wild cats of reed.

For its own conformation traits Abyssinian cats possess the following characteristics: a subtle, beautiful constitution, strong, graceful figure; unusual and original head, which is often compared with the wedge-leaf on it are expressive, in the form of tonsils eyes, constantly watching closely and soulful eyes; COAT pet thick enough abundantly covers the whole body, has the original color of hair, each strand of wool double or triple division of colors is called tikingovoy painting. Choosing and buying a pet of this breed should know a little about their character and, pros and cons.

To own a cat owners put sincere and loving, quickly attached and are always close to those who have tamed them and cares. Pets are not going to conflict, rarely annoyed, and are in constant search of adventure. But excessive curiosity really tame pets, dog training to respond safely and supple. When Abyssinian cats grow up, they become fast friends and true assistants. Cats highly sensitive to the mood of the owners, in the bad moments of life, cute kitten help, compassion and did not recede a step, trying constantly to do something nice, it is even the request to bring the newspaper.

Representatives of this breed excellent start large families or people who are constantly devote much time to own a pet, otherwise the cats become unhappy, falling into a permanent depression and other disorders, depression alone does not give them rest.

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