Sokoke breed description cats

Photos, description Sokoke cat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Sokoke cat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

All the world’s associations were impressed when they saw all the organizations represented by the breed. The emergence Sokoke cat turned the world immediately after hatching. Cats are characterized by their external data: in proportion to the reduced copies of the cheetah. Many societies have raced and overly curious to cat lovers, how did indeed there was such a kind original. Many centuries ago, a similar kind of cat was listed as the inhabitants of the territory of Sokoke, where most of the possessions is a forest area, the Kenyan land. Previously known as wild cats and exotic at the same time calling them hadzonzo. The main home to wild pets were trees. A diet was most living insects or birds. To finish off any meal, representatives Sokoke had to make considerable efforts that breed lies at the genetic level.

Cats inherent preservation instinct, agility, speed and ability to protect themselves in case of danger. In the second half of the 19th (about 1970) century, one of the residents went to England on a risky step: finding her mother sokokenskoy varieties with newborn kittens, she took care of wild animals into your own home. As it turned out later, Janey Slater (the name of a woman who took the cat to itself), without even knowing it, is the founder of the pet rock. Over time girlfriend founder Sokoke – Jenny Sleyder, decided to take two kittens to their territory of Denmark, where the woman had a personal kennel and have s 1981 Denmark began to withdraw permanently the representatives of this species and the import into the country. Export matters dealt with the owner of the nursery assistant – Gloria Moldrap and other individuals who were no less interested in spreading breed. Three years after the propagation process Sokoke (1983), the organization recognized kotyachi rozryada standard and officiously called African shorthair cat. 1992 was important for representatives Sokoke country Denmark, when they recognized standard. After that, the whole world had begun to explore and record the species. The International Federation of cat lovers from all over Europe officially recognized the pupils later all remaining companies, there has been action in 1993.

For your pet possess Exterior Features: small size, smart, strong and delicate foot, with an incredibly strongly expressed relief; The main distinguishing cats from others – large, broad ears, prikrasheny brushes, and to look at how the ears of the leopard; Despite the pets can not turn away from the sight of their incredible, expressive and bright eyes, the color of which is never monotonous, and changes every time you change the mood of the cats, the basic shades of amber, light green. Sokoke representatives are quite proud posture, unusual gait (the reason for this extended hind legs to the corners of the back). Watching a cat of this breed, it can not be confused with any other breed. Especially different wool pets. Wool cover liberally covers all the body, and he is a brilliant, silky and medium-sized in length. The coat color of cats are incredibly colorful, unusual and original. On the main background pronounced marble tabby patterns, and on dark backgrounds unique patterns of light, creamy and rich browns. Provided a variety of fully-black tail. Sokoke Wool does not have a particularly great length, but despite this have to constantly and carefully take care of the coat pets.

At least once a week to gently comb the cat a special brush, provided the appropriate breed. Representatives gepardovyh cats are incredibly energetic and playful, so they need a designated time for regular daily walks, as well as their playground, where pets can again feel wild. Adapting to any conditions of life becomes not a problem for species Sokoke cats perfectly live in a big house or a small apartment. The main thing is not to give a pet to get bored and give them the necessary gaming space. In a short time, when the pet gets used to their own masters, to their entertainment will want to add the game to the owners. The roots of the breed as we know, come from wild and dangerous places, so, in spite of a long period of constant species domestication, cats still remained the genetic basis of life in constant danger. One of them – excessive vigor.

Sokoke Pets are not afraid of virtually nothing: no fire, no water, no great heights. By the way, the water is not only the substance, which is not only not afraid of the representatives of the breed, but also a favorite phenomenon to which cats are treated with partiality. The wild animals of the also allows them to make friends without all the problems very well with cats and even dogs. Forgetting that the ancestors of cats wild species, the breed, there are other domestic quality. For quite wildly appearance hides a lovely, gentle, peace-loving, obedient (if well house trained) kittens, who are happy to become you best friend and quickly lock on to the owner.

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