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Photos, description breed cats ragamuffin cat, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed cats ragamuffin cat, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Especially cats ragamuffin cat breed is unusual origin pets. Compared with many other breeds that were bred to help people on farms or elsewhere, representatives of ragamuffin cat established itself independently on the streets of America. The fact that cats are really true title of mongrels, as evidenced by their name, because ragamuffin cat in translation means “beggar”, as solid and many other facts presented by the United States around the world.

For the first time the species has been presented in the last century, 1994, but then the world association not recognized the breed standard. Already in this century, namely in 2003, the organization recognized the cat as an independent kind of ragamuffin cat and giving it a special official standard as separate species. The reason for non-recognition of a particular species of cats before – their clear link with the American Ragdoll breed, for that matter, and was later investigated ragamuffin cat, and proved that pets are just an improved version of the main species ragdoll. Indeed, large external differences between cats is not observed, except that a variety of colors in the coat.

For its conformation data, cats have similar characteristics: high, relief of the body; small head round, where peering a little chubby cheeks, gently placed almond shaped eyes from light green to green s golden hues, and are often found cat with different eyes, which makes them even more special; head smoothly into a short neck. Cats have beautiful, silky hair, which differs slightly higher than its own length standards. Especially original look colorful pants on the limbs, as you know, representatives of ragamuffin cat front legs shorter than the rear. The tail section is strong enough pubescent full-length (in cats inherent in long tails). Colors woolen coats caught completely varied, most of the kittens – black, unusual modulations of other shades, but there are also other pets with color Color as tabby or bicolor.

As pets cats are very calm and intellectual development. His hospitality they pleased, both owners and guests, who get along particularly well. Pets will be happy to spend time with her beloved owner, to which they quickly recognize. Favorite place where wants to be a cat – it is near the owner, believe that the cause of this affection is the impossibility of their own cats to protect themselves in conflict or just dangerous situations. Pets are best to hide and not be involved in a situation where your child can hurt.

Representatives of ragamuffin cat have excellent immune system, but in spite of this, should be periodically added to the diet of vitamin supplements for greater protection of pets. As much as cat even defend themselves can not, on the hunting qualities of cats you can forget, because they breed overly friendly and gentle to hurt even rodents.

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