Minskin, description

Description cats breed minskin, characteristics, content and photos

Description cats breed minskin, characteristics, content and photos

It will focus on the variety, which refers to the dwarf breeds and originates in Boston. In the second half of the 19th century in Boston edges has been created this kind, by crossbreeding: manskina and sphinx. The action takes place in one of the local nurseries. To breed has become more versatile, in a short time it was crossed with two different species as Burmese and Devon Rex. That’s well and reproduce new pets.

For personal temperament cats are highly energetic and will not get bored favorite hosts. Quick acclimatization and adaptation to help them feel free and without any shyness to explore the territory, creating almost always a problem in the studies. Home minskin varieties pet once you get used to and will continue to be bored in your absence. Leaving somewhere out of the house, it is better to take the cat with him, because loneliness pets almost can not tolerate. Representatives of this breed is not actually fearful, self-sufficient, like big companies, well-behaved in any transport. Pick up with a family pet or even in the long-awaited vacation is for a kitten of this joy. No matter in what place, the cat will immediately begin to examine all because of their own are extremely curious, so for the need to be closely monitored. But do not worry, soon your favorites apologize, in case you did something wrong, and thank the owner for his own love patience and condescending attitude.

Often the owners do not want to start a different pets in the same house, because they are afraid of different conflicts between intimate partners. So, you can not worry about the breed minskin. They are ideal for lovers of great home residents. Do you have a dog, cat or other rodents? In conflict situations, the breed minskin hardly take minimum participation. They easily make friends with everyone and become a sincere friend. Cats are able to come up with a variety of entertainment, it does not matter if they have any special toys, they always manage to find a way out, attracting a lot of attention and interest. Any little thing, lying is wrong, will become a new gaming venture shaggy purpose.

Often self monitoring of such creative and cute pets will melt in the same interesting and fun pastime. But if you think that in the process of such entertainment can just sit on the couch, you are deeply mistaken. Cats minskin bloom and really feel happy only when a number is someone who genuinely loves them. Sometimes, due to a strong restlessness and activity of pupils created quite a number of problems, as well as domestic and emotional, stay calm in all situations and patient. The biggest mistake would be to leave their homes, alone kitten. As has been proven, it can not tolerate loneliness cats. Increased energy puts a permanent pets in the spotlight, their shustrost, charm does not deprive anyone indifferent. With foot middle, sometimes very small sizes, cats can jump high enough. Not surprisingly, if the favorite climbs a tall tree or will be standing next to you, in the repair of the roof.

When representatives minskin tired (that is, compared with other species, it is very rare), the modest little towns opting for destinations. In domestic cats often have a small house, but if you have not yet had time to put it – do not worry, they will find where to gain strength. Built hut of blankets, clothes, stuffed toys, or some half-open drawer in the bedside table, the place for a restful sleep cats. The breed is sufficiently developed maternal instinct, with it no matter of whose children is at stake. Newborn kittens are constantly being brought up on their own, not like most of the different breeds. Often you will notice an interesting behavior of mothers of young cats, it practically does not respond to the crying of children, or requests for assistance, and allows complete freedom and the opportunity to prove themselves in difficult situations.

Young representatives of the breed are born basically healthy and strong, with growth have a strong immune system and eventually all the characteristics of a kind of take a generation to another (playfulness, creativity, energy, intense curiosity). Playfulness in cats minskin breed enough to old age, even when quite adult cats do not become indifferent to entertainment, and well suited for families who have small children. In a large company we like to play not only small, but also for adults. Patience cats enough for any, even the most rambunctious games.

Looking at the cat-like rocks are often the impression that the agent or representative minskin sees a man through and through, and looks very smart, shrewd, “human” look. Eyes widely deployed, large and expressive. Externally representatives minskin naturally differ own size, beautiful woolen cover: similar to satin, silky and pleasant to the touch.

wool Colour prints is different, as a rule, covered the whole of the body except for the area of ​​the abdomen. The representatives of the breed often differ cats from cats, representatives of the female is much smaller, but the basic exterior data do not differ when similar factors. Pets have a strong constitution, ripped, muscular torso, large, deep chest, a small, well-developed thighs, a medium-sized tail, tapering toward the end and looking organically with the whole body, as well as small, slender legs.

Because of their own good external qualities in today’s world, the representatives of this breed is often crossed with other breeds of various kinds, while experimenting in different directions. In the care of pets like you do not need to exert too much effort. It is necessary to constantly bathe the children’s favorite pet cat or special shampoos, and claws of the intense vigor kittens have to cut very rarely pan out at what it would be too difficult (pets do not like that).

Representatives minskin incredibly good appetite when it comes to a family dinner – a cat with great pleasure a treat next to you any dishes that are prepared for a large family. In general, pets are unpretentious in feeding and do not require special feed. The main thing, of course, the correct preparation of the diet and the addition of the power of vitamins and nutrients to enhance immunity and mood have pets.

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