Canaan, breed description

Description breed Canaan, characteristics, content and photos

Description breed Canaan, characteristics, content and photos

The history of origin of Canaan lasted some point, doing rock output in Israel, a lover of cats Doris Pollaczek. Formation of a large measure of species dependent on a variety of oriental breeds. The list included: Libyan, Abyssinian, Bengal, Oriental and domestic cats. After a lot of research desired by the creator of the result was not, so she continued to work with the rocks of the wild Libyan spepnyh and short-haired pets, to new research by crossing a woman to satisfy their claims against the cats, and there was born a new Israeli breed pets, which, rather, it derived more recently, and in 2000 had already received the official title of the uniqueness and standard.

Due to the large number of breeds that are relevant to the removal of Canaan species, cats have many characteristics of genetically laid. Line wild steppe cats awarded Canaan independence and freedom, cats love to walk in open spaces, independent and almost shy. Adaptation is not absolutely no problem for cats, do not need special housing and unpretentious to the food, the main thing to make a correct diet.

From the home of representatives of Canaan inherited calmness, patience, steadiness, and need for attention and love pets. The cat will be a good friend, and any acts of kindness from the owners, or the world, will meet the same. Walking their pets need care. Just let the cat – create a problem, because the Canaanites can simply escape, then find a pet will be difficult, and if you do not run away, you have any problems be sure to create that almost was not time proven. It is recommended to go for a walk with a leash, to which the cat get used to pretty quickly.

Kanaanskie pets possess the conformation characteristics: medium size, strong and trim body (sometimes come across larger animals); foot high enough, well muscled, which explains their high-speed running; a small head gently placed ears, sometimes decorated with tassels; cats eyes are like tonsils, as in many eastern species. Externally representatives canaan breed very elegant, slender and graceful. They belong to a type of short-haired cats have a tough coat and color, which is inherent to them in connection with the wild ancestors – beige or brown. All profusely covered with hair, torso covered in colorful, contrasting spots (the most rare is the presence of black spots) or marbled pattern.

In relation with the pet must be very indulgent, patient and loving. It is known that representatives kanaanskoy species present certain savagery, inherited from ancestors, so you need not make little effort to fully domesticate the cat. The results of the multiple of trainings and more loving, patient owner will be able to tame yourself a reliable, loyal and dear friend. The difficulty lies in the search for mutual understanding and to give time for pets.

In the care of cats are no different from usual. Bathe canaan desirable not more than once a month, thoroughly and carefully, from time to time, clean the ears and eyes of cats. Despite the fact that pets have excellent immunity welcome added to food to enhance the special vitamins support health and immunity in virus and infectious diseases.

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