Aegean cat

Photos, description Aegean breed cats, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Aegean breed cats, characteristic for home breeding

The species breed Aegean cat is considered rare events and are regarded as quite an expensive breed. Indeed, the Aegean Cat is rare worldwide, but an excellent place of creation gives feedback on the breed. Close to twenty years ago, scientists began to withdraw Greece Aegean breed by using a selection method. So, on an island called Tsikladis (located on the territory of Greece) gave birth to a new kind of cats. Distribution Aegean cats are not progressing rapidly, so representatives and considered quite rare. According to statistics and walnuts scientists presence Aegean pets in their native country exceeds the norm, so the consideration of how rare breed – a mistake.

If you decide to buy a pet and a selection focused on the Aegean cat breed, it is worth considering some factors before the actual purchase. At home the representatives loved and appreciated because of the friendly nature of the doubt. A distinctive characteristic of cats is a constant desire to develop hunting to all higher level. For cats is not a problem to adapt to the new house, unusual conditions or get used to strangers, which, regardless of age, they get along fine. In contrast to the variety of different species, water is the favorite pet phenomenon, and all processes associated with it – be happy, that is, no problems with bathing pets will not. For those who like a calm disposition cats Aegean breed is not suited. Cats too energetic, playful and mobile. I love to play with small children in a large family. In search of a true friend walnuts owners unanimously recommend cats is Aegean varieties.

For its conformation characteristics representatives have a medium-sized trunk, a small, neat and rounded head, a strong constitution, well-developed part of the relief, strong legs with strong nails. In cats, a small, straight tail. Basis tabs wider, refined to the top and rounded at the endings in the inner part of the growing bland wool cover. Medium size, straight nose. Beautiful as the buttons of the two, eyes, slanted found that betrays cats even more charming. Externally Aegean representatives of medium length enough abundantly covered with silky hair without undercoat. Wool cover body is different from the coating in the area of ​​the tail. At the tail of the hair much longer. The most encountered wool colors: cream, white. As is typical for pets, most of the color takes is basic, prevailing shades.

In the care of the cats of this species has only a few rules, which do not forget. Energy and the constant activity of the cats are able to play, you determine how, otherwise the pupils themselves take care about it, only to turn around such action may result in the damage. Remember that permanently lock the pet indoors is strictly prohibited, without the need to visit the open spaces representatives Aegean breeds may die, that scientific researched and proven. Pets need to be cautious and careful courting woolen cover, comb cats constantly a special brush, and use for bathing cat shampoo formula for delicate hair. With the proper observance of hygienic rules, apparently pet will be covered with a silky, smooth, without mats, soft and pleasant to the touch hair.

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