Brazilian shorthair cat

Photos, description Brazilian Shorthair, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

Photos, description Brazilian Shorthair, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

This Brazilian shorthair cat breed is quite common and loved by many owners. Valued like cats own natural nature exactly characterize Brazilian Shorthair. Pets are derived without any intervention and research.

For personal conformation attributes they look like ordinary pets and often remain useless, without a roof over his head, which is quite sad factor. After all, when a cat to take on its own security, it will be very grateful, and thank you in return. Such cute little animals just need to keep warm, clean, donate their care and comfort.

In one of the Brazilian federation cat lovers conducted studies where the outcome has been proven that the breed is widely distributed, but with a different generation of several characteristics in cats varies. Then the experts made the second step in the promotion of Brazilian shorthair cat breed and recognized it as a standard scheme with an institution of further dilution at the end of the 19th century (about 1985). Over time, the breed has not stopped changing, with the result that by crossing withdrawn completely different species (such as Celtic Shorthair via crossing the Brazilian and European shorthair), the first cat of such varieties were withdrawn in 1944. Then came the first news that the WCF wants to make the breed standard, will soon (1996) FIF took the rock to your own precise control and registration. The study lasted three years, in the end what WCF scientists acknowledged Brazilian shorthair free, independent and special breed. Outwardly, the cat is not very big, they have a medium-sized dense housing, small, little elongated head, and incredibly beautiful and shiny coat, heavily covering the whole body. But, most importantly, pets surprisingly extraordinary gaze, which completely penetrates the man who looked into those big beautiful eyes. Color cats totally different colors, taking into account that the rock constantly mixed with a plurality of other species.

In the care of cats are known to be the main concern. Indeed, because of this breed cats are not demanding to any factor other than personal attitude. Pet needs constant caress, love the owner, and then you in return they become great friends, easily trainable. Otherwise, they become angry, irritable and able to be overly aggressive. Characterized as cats, as well as unparalleled hunters who will not miss their prey. Often they like to walk in the open air, and most importantly, do not forget to play with the young one’s personal, because they have increased activity and playfulness.

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