Tonkinese cat breed description

Photos, description Tonkinese cat breed, characteristic for home detention

Photos, description Tonkinese cat breed, characteristic for home detention

About breeding Tonkin cat breeds are still arguing about different scientific person, each of them has taken a personal disagreement. After all, the origin of the cats really unique and prohibitive for many. One such controversial theory states that the first cats were seen in the second half of the 19th century, but then took them as chocolate Siamese cats, and to the representatives of this species have been exported from the East, had a brown suit that was not standard for Siamese cats as well as a light-green, blue-green or yellowish color of his eyes. Because of that, scientists in North America rebelled and refuted the foregoing version. In fact, it describes a different version, the cats were withdrawn from their roots in the northern part of America and provided a specific description of the representatives of: hair light brown, long enough, the body harmoniously composed, thin strong bones, a small tail, cheeks large and behind them is almost not visible cheekbones, large eyes set widely.

In today’s world, similar exterior features are smoothed characteristics Tonkinese cat. As a result of the creation of bridingovyh programs, one of the best selected and exaggerated kind of Wong Mau, where the Burmese cat breed was bred. The study involved only Siamese cats, kitties newborns born with a dark coat color, so that their colors was on the verge of Burmese and Siamese breeds. Wool was monochromatic, bright, sometimes light brown, and his eyes – clear blue with green tints. In what was, in this version, the origin of the kittens. However, their long period of time considered hybrids, and inferior as a separate breed. Over time, a kind of Tonkin recognized as an official, was appointed to her status and standard form. Compared to the American Association, which immediately allowed to mess with this breed, in Europe, the question still stands under a big question. Now the world there are more people who acquire themselves such pets. Outwardly, this delightful pets, with a combination of the best qualities that they took themselves from their ancestors.

Traits such representatives: playful, active, intelligent, inquisitive, intelligent. Exterior characteristics: strong constitution, muscular, shapely, toned body. Wool is definitely long, beautiful and silky. Cats like rocks quite smart and well-developed intuition. To the cat look good you do not need to exert much effort, representatives of the breed, always and everywhere combines amazing, and so became the general favorite in the community of those who love cats and breeds.

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