German Rex (German Rex), cat

Photos, description of the breed German Rex cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of the breed German Rex cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Earlier in the territories of East Prussia there was the old village, which was formed and cat breed German Rex or, as it is called – German Rex. The founder of the breed was named representative of Munch, the kitten was born as a result of cross-breeding angora representative species that had tobacco-colored woolen cloak, and a representative of Russian blue cat.

The results of the crossing was born cute kitten with interesting curly and very long hairs. Further breeding operation took place in a natural way, without the intervention of human knowledge. In a short time in one of the so-called “grandson” of the founder of Munch, kittens, two of which have won the admiration and attention of many scientists. As you know, at that time considered to be pets and breeding animals away their distribution continued with the help of European shorthair cats, and in the second half of the 20th century (around 1983) the world organization of fans of cats recognized standard varieties of the German Rex. But after the standard title, and cats are very common due to the constant crossing of the representatives of the breed, is closer to the 21 th century remains on worldwide only about five pets purebred German Rex. For reasons of endangered species, in order to save pets intervened to help enthusiasts, thanks to which the breed is now again widely known and disseminated.

In our areas of representatives of this interesting and unique breed is small enough. Do pets German Rex inherent special feature – their wool cover a little tight to the touch, the hairs do not stand out particularly long, they are short and have a nice plush curls.

For its own conformation data in cats German Rex exterior similar characteristics: medium size, strong and sufficient relief body, but compared with other varieties massive, massive German Rex is not inherent; the chest convex and wide; smooth and straight region of the back; the head has a rounded shape, which gently placed a small nose, large ears and a beautiful, expressive eyes; cats tail area is wide, from the large base and tapering to the end, heavily furred tail of small hairs.

As pets, cats are very good and good-natured. We are pleased to play as adults and children, coming up each time all the new entertainment. For people who are suffering on asthmatic attacks, German Rex fit perfectly. Lack of wool undercoat provides the ability to constantly communicate with the owners of the patients own beloved pets.

Of the minuses representatives of the German Rex their intolerance to cold temperatures, therefore experienced cat lovers know that pets need such high-calorie diet to maintain body temperature. The cause of instability for the cold is a rapid loss of heat due to not abundantly covered with a woolen cover the torso.

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