Turkish Van cat, breed description

Photos, description of the breed Turkish Van cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of the breed Turkish Van cats, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety native cats breed Turkish Van, originally it was seen on the day the Turkish territories near Lake Van, where the breed was called Kedis van (van kedisi). In Turkey, where they were distributed earlier, livestock, they were considered the most popular among others, from some sources it is known that the native cat was a pet of the ancient Sultan Abdul Hamid II of, the exact date of habitat cat Sultan indicated, but it is known that it was in intervals of the 19th century. In the first half of the 20th century (approximately 1945-1950 years), livestock were exported from their own homeland, in Europe. About how imported happened is not known, as a fact, the export of cat breeds Turkish Van was banned by law. On this basis, in a variety of European regions came illegally.

For its own conformation traits Turkish Van cat has several inherent characteristics. Firstly, it is a special coloring tail section, the tail cats throughout the length of red color with pronounced ring of darker color, and the rest of the housing white saturated colors, shades among other head. The body is medium in size, roundish, with a strong constitution. The head is small, has the shape of a triangle, it is widely deployed on large, expressive eyes with a penetrating gaze, often tidy eyeballs have a beautiful light or amber tints. In rare cases, when viewed from cats eyes glow green or blue saturated color that is considered to be a predominance of domestic pet. Wool cover their own different length, which is relatively a lot more other varieties of wool are not inherent in any, even the smallest undercoat.

The special features of this species is their excessive love of the water, only the fact of bathing pets choose personally. Although the majority of Turkish Van cats immediately climb to swim at the sight of water, there is a minority of cats that are afraid to even look at the filled bathtub. In this case, do not worry, it means that your pet is too small, and the time will come when he will also be able to enjoy bend in the water. The main thing is not to make their own pet to jump or throw, so you can cause mental harm and to instill fear of the water. Turkish Van cats species are very active and cheerful.

For property owners pets get used quickly and patiently. Often pets are choosing what to play and how to have fun. In order to play with the kitten only need to want this, and the kid will come up with their own all the rules of the game. By the excessive vigor is added, and their intelligence, and intelligence. Among other species, indigenous representatives are of the highest intelligence, watching his own appearance and constantly pay attention to all the little things in the outside world, and if anything goes wrong, the owner is required to know about it.

In caring for the cats do not have any difficulties. Since the breed comes from countries with warm climates, we can not allow the pet was in cold temperatures, and especially after swimming, there is a strong likelihood that the kitten will catch a cold. Immunity from pet strong, they are very hardy. During spring and summer, be sure to periodically comb your cat a special brush and wash baby shampoo.

The diet of the Turkish Van cats should add vitamin supplements, especially during moulting pets.

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