Boxer dog breed description

Photos, description Boxer dog breed characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Boxer dog breed characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

After looking at the dogs of breed boxer, it seems that the pets are very powerful and hardy, but looks can be deceiving. In practice, it is proved that, even being outside in light rain, dogs can become seriously ill. Level lifetime, as compared to other species is low, and the average total pet lives in areas decade.

Provenance provided by species considered new, because there were pets in the days of the 19th century. Thanks to an excellent external characteristics, excellent characteristic customs, animals and spread rapidly conquered the hearts of many dog ​​trainers worldwide. The founders of this breed are copies of the English bulldog and Brabant bulleytsera. Looks among puppies were formed a long period of time, and that was the reason why the official recognition as an independent dog line, occurred only in the first half of the 20th century. Main name was transmitted to dogs or from their faces with similar shapes forms boxing gloves, whether from the fact that the dogs often like to move so as if all the materials at hand are boxing.

Exterior features presented dogs are different capacity and massive structures of the body, with clearly visible all the tendons in the body. Animal Body broad enough, and certainly beautiful, fleshy and elongated. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weight in this case is approximately 30 kg. Housing dogs visually looks very harmonious and very proportional, a bit like the shape of a square. The head part of a massive and also similar to the shape of a square, a short snout with beautiful expressive contours, color neatly placed a medium-sized hanging ears. Breed inherent presence flews. The tail is docked sure pets, with a full-length. Wool cover a relatively short and silky. Colours hairs are solid colors, similar to the tiger prints, as well as meet piebald shades suit. Among other things, you can find pets, which is inherent in the existence of different spots on the body or masks on the muzzles.

Many looked at the boxers can immediately notice them, perhaps, not always benevolent intentions, but this is only the first misconception. In fact, livestock peaceful and patient. Upholstered with owner, dog show themselves as true loyal friends, as they are well find a common language with the children, so kind of content is recommended for families. Puppies are prone to taming, so chances are you can not lose and have to start to train at an early age.

Representatives of the Boxer breed are unsurpassed guards as capable qualitatively to protect not only the owners, but also the possession, the clock to be on the alert and prevent the evil intentions of strangers. In addition, boxers often serve as a guide or aid in the investigation of police affairs. And most importantly, the dogs are perfectly suited for a family of content, showing their friendliness and dedication.

Despite the fact that the species is fairly new, to date they are popular throughout the world, and therefore does not relate to rare canine lines.

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