American Foxhound breed hounds

Photos, description breeds of dogs American Foxhound, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

Photos, description breeds of dogs American Foxhound, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

In addition to the representation of names, from various sources is also found another name – the American Foxhound.

Provenance provided by species known to be accurate. Even in the second half of the 17th century, copies of English hounds were imported in America, which had introduced to Robert Brooke, this is the kind involved in the creation of Buyers gebirgshveyskhund. Another category of dogs, which also belongs to the ancestors represented species previously been brought to the continent (about 70s, 18th century) as a gift for a while to President Washington. Two breeds of dogs described, joined by reproductive crossing, have created a new generation, whose name sounds like BUYERS gebirgshveyskhund.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. When compared with other breed hounds, dogs have many correspondences with English hounds, but still differ capricious elegance, power, and allocates their pets unsurpassed subtle feeling. Build Animal dense body is strong enough. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weighs about 60 kg. The head of the larger medium-sized, neatly placed on the head of medium size, wide and hanging ears are abundantly pressed to the head. The eyes are large, all parts brown. expressive look. The tail is always raised, curled beautifully, especially mobile in the excited state. The cotton cover pretty hard, but the touch is very nice and smooth. Suits in breed there are different, but the standard colors have no pets.

Specific manners pets differ courage, endurance and determination. It is these qualities and are necessary for the representatives of hunting dogs. Using animals as pets, pets are gentle and affectionate, faithfully serve their owners, they are friendly to the children, if they have a family and are very accommodating if home owners have invited strangers. Keep dogs in the apartment or house is not recommended, but still, if there are certain conditions – it is possible. Important to provide puppies spaciousness, their own space, their constantly to walk the dogs could spend their energy, even if not in the hunting area.

Since the breed is relatively old, previously with dogs searched for American Indians, so this area was a major. Time passed, and the ratio of Americans to the Indians changed, then there was no need to chase after someone, and the use of pupils reclassified, sending it to the hunting channel. Quality hunter pets have laid on the genetic reserve and they cope with all tasks at the highest level. For quality harassment, rutting or mining research, pets do not need to learn, because all they can perform in the first months of life.

Today, there are pets at American farms and ranches. Wide popularity and spread of the breed is not reached as to the content of these animals, you want to create certain conditions, but primarily it is a lot of space where the dog could feel comfortable. Also, puppies need regular walks, and require a lot of attention.

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