Caspian horse

Photos, description Caspian miniature horse breed, characteristic

Photos, description Caspian miniature horse breed, characteristic

In the second half of the 20th century, in the North of Israel, which is located near the Caspian coast, one of the most unusual representatives of miniature horses were found. In that area we found three full dozen small pony, which struck its conformation according to the older horses.

Then the horses began to explore the Caspian breed, so it has been proven that the physical characteristics of the kids do not coincide with the body design of other horses. Particularly evident in the fact that on both sides of the jaw have pets for one molar more blade area compared with other breeds are different forms, as well as the location of the three parietal bones in the head part is somewhat different.

Caspian miniature horses are direct descendants of the most ancient species of horses that lived in those areas about three millennia BC. During archaeological excavations the remains of bones were found that directly prove the existence of small horses in the Iranian territories. There is also a terrific deal, which currently owns the Museum of the Great Britain, it is a beautiful coin, which shows a picture of where King Darius ruled the chariot, which harnessed like horses to Caspian pony. There are also some theories about the involvement of the Caspian pony up to launch the Arab differences.

In the past, for many centuries represented the breed was considered extinct, and their disappearance occurred the most mysterious way. Once again, scientists noticed Caspian pony, they decided not to take risks and have developed a special scientific research methods, which were to increase the number of breeding plants when there created a guarantee that their disappearance will not be repeated in the future. In today’s time, the Caspian ponies can often be found on the territories of Australia, New Zealand, America and in many European countries.

Representatives of the Caspian breed horses fairly hardy animals that have a rapid and intense movements also differ peaceful and very well liked. Housing animals dense and bone system is quite powerful, solid and hard hooves, so further horseshoes is not required. Ponies are often used for riding, despite the fact that they are very small, their jumping and riding great.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the Caspian kids. They are characterized by: a medium-sized, short head part that stands out for its elegance; small forehead; muzzle in profile resembles the shape of a cone, since the location of the nostrils a little smallish; ears small. Neck accurate; shoulder part of the rough and oblique; torso relief, toned; back part is flat and broad; Tail set lower than the standard of horses; thin limbs, but at the same time, the muscular, the skin on the feet is firm, strong bones; on the brushes are poorly developed feathers, but if they have, they are very small; hoof oval, tough and elegant. . The average height at the withers of 100 cm to 120 cm Outside pets are distinguished for different Colour: bay and red colors (in addition, sometimes ponies found a speck of white in the head and limbs regions).

We presented species has some features. These include the interesting structure of the skin on the head, it is very soft and smooth. Ears do not often longer than 12 cm. Due to the fact that the growth of miniature horses is really very small, they can not be called a great horse, but has all the attributes for this appearance. In Caspians an interesting gait, through which they move quickly and are able to pick up speed as in adult horses, regardless of whether it is a trot or canter. Arriving at a young age, the ponies are already able to demonstrate all of their prevalence.

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