Bardidzhano, horse breed

Photos, description Bardidzhano horse breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Bardidzhano horse breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives bardidzhano breeds of horses are extraordinary pets. Animals breed resemble children, they are quite low, but at the same time very strong. Pony characterized as peaceful, so they often acquire young friends. Variety with young riders often participates in various competitions, where they occupy places of honor.

Despite the fact that the breed is quite old, they have managed to survive many centuries and appear before us the same as they were before. Like other varieties of Baroque, pony valued as good mounts, has a beautiful slow pace, so the rider can honor yourself comfortable. Due to the fact that in the pedigree presented species including mountain horses bardidzhano are unpretentious in the content.

Parts of all the animals used for non-heavy sleds, and they are irreplaceable helpers in various rural chores. Derived breeds were in Italy.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of exterior varieties. Animals are inherent: a massive and strong body structure; the dorsal part of the elongated, whereby they are able to serve as a beast of burden. Highly developed withers. Shoulder region rather short, very flat, which is not typical for miniature horses upland areas, which is why they are perfectly combined in an easy carriage. Constitution strong and compact. The chest is deep and arched, whereby for the light has a lot of space. Externally, there are several different colors of the coat, but the main ones are shades of bay and black horses. The average pet has at the withers rising from 125 cm to 130 cm (women’s representative), 125 cm – 135 cm (male representatives). The head part is small enough, a large forehead, ears and neat and graceful. Nostrils are medium in size, large nasal passages, so that the air is heated, if it enters the lungs (this action is accompanied by resistance to frost, humidity, and less likely to get sick). Croup is quite a relief, convex. The tail section is placed high, tail heavy and fluffy. Noticeable Achilles, hocks graceful forms.

Using pony bardidzhano is different transporting heavy loads over long distances. Especially prized animals for riding and training among young riders. Experienced riders take pleasure pony for tourist trips.

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