Tersk horse breed description

Photos, description Terek breed horses, breeding characteristics for home and contents

Photos, description Terek breed horses, breeding characteristics for home and contents

Breeding horses Terek breed developers engaged in the North Caucasus. Do pets predominant color gray shades. Average statistical pets at the withers with growth of 150 cm, 155 cm. Use rocks mainly consists of saddles and harnesses.

The first representative of the Terek species appeared at Terek and Stavropol horse plant development, their work focused on the method of reproductive crossing. These studies have also attended such breeds: Musketeers, Arabic, Don (having oberonovskim Description), horses and Kabardinian Karachevsky areas that belong to the Eastern representatives.

At that time, when there were major species formation, played a major role Shagya horse breed, namely the Half-Blood Arabian mare, which was brought from Hungary at the beginning of the 20th century. They formed a new generation of horses, which served to create other famous horse differences and families, the most popular of them are: verhanka, a wedding, a great joy, and others.

For removing all the varieties used necessarily Arab representatives, in severe restrictions succumbed to the influence of Thoroughbred horse species. Already current research data gave the exact characteristics of the origin of the Terek pets. They are a combination of half-blooded Arab, Don (have an impact occurs in a minimum amount) and karabardinskih founders. In addition, genetic reserves of some representatives had revealed the presence of remote inbreeding as a cylinder and connoisseur, as well as their future descendants-stallions.

To create a real sports horse nowadays use certain techniques reproductive crossing, which is necessarily present thoroughbred horse species. Such construction ensures the birth of the children, who are able to show high ability in standard types of equestrian sports entertainment, driving with obstacles and steeple-chezah.

Externally visible features of the coat coloring pets. Most of the horses presented species possess gray shades of color, which is unusual is poured (about 70%). Next in the rankings listed red color, the appearance of which is explained by the use of popular Arab-Don stallion named Sundae and pet purebred Arabian named paradox that made the largest contribution (about 22%). The minimum number of species of Terek horses possessing chestnut coloring (nearly 8%). Others colors never met among species.

Terek horses have a lot in common with the Arabian breed, such as the duration of their life. Even in a time of creation of the first representatives were noted by their longevity. The percentage of mares aged from 16 years at large horse breeding farms, is about 20%. Even in old age the representatives of Terek breed horses can boast their own reproductive qualities.

There is substantial evidence-in proof quality reproduction. So many well-known stallion Cagan, that was born in 1956, he was able to demonstrate litter in 1984. At the age of 24 has given litter pet nickname for Tibet, up to 22 years – Singapore. For many years mares refers way radio, which was able to give life to the 19 horse, but her mention of the crown, communion bread, Grid, Tavrichanka and other animals.

Using Terek representatives is not limited to taking part in various equestrian competitions, horse racing and steeplechase barrier-cheze, because they often can be found in the circus arenas, besides horses have good working ability and would be happy to help with chores.

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