Don horse breed description

Photos, description Don breed horses, breeding characteristics for home and contents

Photos, description Don breed horses, breeding characteristics for home and contents

The first representative of the variety of the Don horses appeared on the Russian Federation territory. Meets the coat color of the breed: red, sorrel, and various shades of gray. The average height at the withers waver from 160 cm to 170 cm. By using the Don breed horses often saddle or harness.

Don horses are known as the most ancient breeds of domestic production. The significance of these animals can be compared with the Oryol trotters, because both species of their own identity are popular in Russia. Although horses of both breeds are very similar, they have a significant difference – excretion. We know that to create trotters took insignificant time and served as a foundation for breeding international genetic reserves. For the estimation of the same species Don took a lot of time, and for its formation – a few centuries. Don handsome boast pure Russian origin, for their creation of the ancient Russian representatives used horses. Initially Dons were native prairie animals, and only after a few centuries they have managed to turn into a massive beauties that were able to supplement the ranks of cavalry horses.

Primary terrain habitat pets considered southern and south-eastern part of the Russian Federation. Starting from the Dnieper and Volga ending where closer to the eastern regions could enjoy the extraordinary beauty reverberating from side to side waves, settled nomadic tribes and peoples with herds of horses and herds of cattle. Since the beginning of the 16th century to the end of the 15th century, that these territories inhabited mostly by refugees from Central Asia, often they were Cumans or Kipchaks. Closer to the 18th centenary of invading horde Genghis Khan was produced in Kipchak area, that’s when Tatar blood have been linked with Polovtsy continue to live as one people, as at that time the rules Khan, having the title Nogai, a people called the Nogai. Further align animal both nations, that is, Mongolian and Polovtsian, and later they were crossed with the Eastern blood. Horses have become popular among the Moscow State. Some representatives held even in the royal stables. So, provided Nogai breed varieties are fundamental Cossack kind in the distant past.

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