Armavir Tumblers, breed description

Photos, description pigeons breed Armavir Tumblers, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description pigeons breed Armavir Tumblers, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the southern regions of the Russian Federation, near Urupsky aquatic spaces that flow into the famous Kuban River, which is close to the coasts pressed unusual jails Stavropol plateau located a beautiful town – Armavir. About this city know that he is one of the biggest economic and cultural development of the central areas of the Kuban. The initial stages of the creation of the city began in the second half of the 18th century, when carried Russian-Turkish War, and became part of the Russian Caucasus. In the old days, the boundaries of the Russian possessions ended near the river Kuban. Along the entire region of the limitations that held the river Kuban, new fortifications were built on the basis of which was inhabited by the military, creating their own settlements. On the eve of the 19 th century (1793) with Don on the border areas of construction, the Cossacks moved with their families. Modern old Cossack village was formerly known as Prochnookopskaya village, which was previously moved to another location. In the first half of the 19th century (1839) on the left side of the Kuban coast, opposite the lasting trenches were settled 42 families cherkesogaevskogo origin. Ultimately, the number of residents of Armavir intensity increases, and with every new inmate as more and more persons, engaged in professional breeding pigeons.

In urban pigeons dilutions of two new varieties of pigeons were created: Bald Armavir and Armavir Kosmach Kosmach korotkoklyuvy. Extraordinary characteristics of birds pass almost impossible. Photographing or filming them on camera is still unrealistic to display every detail of their appearance. The best way to know the beauty of the breed – to see them in real life, among the crowd of various other pigeons is impossible not to recognize this breed. Differ beautiful bird graceful posture, prance, landing endings stands tall, unusual plumage color stripes and, most importantly, the massive lohmy, in fact, the reason for this breed title – “Kosmach”. Although the title is between the two types are similar to each other Armavir pigeons are completely different. For example, white-headed livestock species have elongated beak and plumage original colors, in which the combination of the basic white color with the addition of multi-colored feathers there. In its own turn korotkoklyuvym, inherent basically only one color pen coverings, decorative appearance that is inferior Griffon lines pigeons. In the intervals of the 18th century on Bokaty territories, Tashkent, Samarkand, and the Kuban are such Tumblers with a little feathering on the endings. Next fanciers Armavir take a long development of new varieties on the basis of the described species, plans were hatching a massive Cosmo. At the same time, it represented a kind of had an interest in another city – Labinsk, where developers began to create parallel new birds that should own landing on the endings, which is different from the main group of pigeons are also different length beak and body size.

Armavir korotkoklyuvye representatives describe the unusual shape of the head portion, which is clearly expressed by prominent forehead, large expressive eyes and the small size of the massive beak. It is particularly interesting to observe the flight of birds. Fly smoothly and gracefully they saw – you can not look away. In pigeons developed as stand-alone and herd instincts, so they can be seen in flight in a pack or alone. Bird peculiar battle coming into the post. Pigeons amenable to learning, and it is possible not only to improve their flight at regular trainings, and also to teach the various commands. Boyne characteristics are shown with individual characteristics. For example, white-line battle pronounced in the annual age and have korotkoklyuvyh much later – up to three years, that is a late fight. Before receiving Tumblers opportunities pigeons exciting ride on the tail, and in the commission of the first practice test coups attempts to become the rack. Korotkoklyuvye representatives rack may become much faster and more stable, but it happens in their late enough. To achieve good results in the process of nagonki, young representatives of Armavir varieties need a little help: made trimming beard and spurs areas, which can grow up to 20 cm, and often even more.

Looking at the white-on celestial expanse creates a certain picture, seen all the features of the birds, which include flight feathers wings white. During the fight and flight correspond to the North Caucasus representatives dlinnoklyuvyh Kosmachev that is not new, as some genetic features provided by the breed has been transferred from the North Caucasus origin of birds, but the combination of both types of practice is not recommended because the Armavir pigeons were taken more than a decade, which is why it is considered to be particularly .

During the 17th century in the areas at that time, the Russian Empire arrived pigeons that had a massive beard, and the original colors of feathers, such as: tsvetnobokie, tsvetnohvostye, solid (standard) and many others. It was then, and began the first stages of breeding and formation Armavir bald birds. Doves left in the Stavropol Territory, where they began to cross with local species. The final results of all the processes were put yellow and red bird with iridescent colored owning massive wisps, and sometimes even with the white head. Then a kind of newly-interested fanciers from Armavir, so by the end of the 17th century created the first generation of Armavir bald birds that have not yet all the typical characteristics and features were formed. The first stages of breeding showed hereditary biases and Greceanii born pigeons or pockmarked shades. To consolidate all the efforts required about two hundred years, but the results fell short of expectations.

The original characteristics of exterior kind of led to the fact that most of the pigeons of the variety has been planted in the cage and the birds do not have the ability to fly freely. North Caucasus, Armavir and other species have rarely seen flying in the heavenly expanse. Similar Aviary content adversely affect the flying qualities, it will be possible to resume only in the third or fourth generation. The content of the pigeons requires owners of patience and care, according to all the whims of the birds, as the breed is a luxury.

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