Bashkir duck

Photos, description Bashkir breed ducks, characteristic for home breeding content

Photos, description Bashkir breed ducks, characteristic for home breeding content

Ducks Bashkir breed amazing breed was bred quite by accident, could not be born. Workers Blagovarsky breeding plant (Bashkortostan) worked to improve the quality of the Beijing duck, and one attempt to give quite an unexpected result. Instead of the white color, as in Beijing, it has turned gray, brown and green with white patches. New individuals have decided to keep in the future to breed among themselves only. The breed was named in honor of the country, which brought Bashkir ducks. In the future, allocate 2 types: Bashkir ducks and duck khaki gray and white, and they are called together color.

Looks and productive qualities are quite good: the duck is quite large, muscular, to carry their weight, the limbs are well developed, strong and sturdy. Slightly curved beak, head oval, slightly flattened on top.

The breed has inherited a large body weight, a good egg production and adverse weather resistance. Bashkir ducks survive winter frost-resistant, long-lasting rain, they are not afraid of the disease and a variety of pests. The main asset, of course, is a high-quality meat, which can be obtained in a relatively short period of time. The meat is very tender Bashkir ducks and compared to the other diet. The ducks are grown on large farms and small farms. The best time falls on the end of the summer for the slaughter of birds – the beginning of autumn, during which youngsters reaches 4 months of age. Ducks do not have time to molt, which means, do not lose weight.

Bashkir duck to treat severe type and on average weighs about 4 kg. The percentage of muscle is very high, therefore at the bottom you can get up to 70% of meat products. The meat of the duck is highly valued among customers because it has no peculiar smell, and large amounts of fat. From Bashkir ducks you can get not only high-quality meat, but also a large number of eggs. Duration of egg production per year is 40 weeks. During this time the duck can lay up to 230 eggs weighing ’85

In cold weather, the ducks must be kept in a special room, where it’s warm and dry. Particular attention should be to give a little ducklings. If they are removed from the incubator, it will need some time to warm them further. Exercise is possible in boxes or a special place in the house. It is important to maintain the temperature, which should be about 30 degrees becoming. Sticking to such a temperature should be at least 2.53 of the week, while the ducklings do not get stronger. After 3 weeks of age active phase begins weight gain at 4 weeks and young animals may weigh less than 3 kg.

Bashkir ducks have good maternal instinct, so it is best if she will incubate duck eggs and care for the ducklings. Youngsters grown stronger and stronger duck ducklings born under artificial conditions. Recently, for Bashkir ducks danger becomes a particular infectious disease of the liver and hepatitis. If the infection there is a special medicine – “Terramycin”, the hepatitis can be lost much of ducks.

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