Grey Ukrainian duck

Photos, description, characterization of Ukrainian breed ducks for home breeding

Photos, description, characterization of Ukrainian breed ducks for home breeding

In the last century on the farm “Borki” has developed a new domestic breed – Ukrainian gray duck. Employees of the Ukrainian Research Institute of poultry for years were selected only the best representatives of Ukrainian domestic ducks and wild, to produce a new breed. These two breeds of ducks and became the ancestors of the Grey Ukrainian.

Grey Ukrainian duck treat precocious and massive rocks. Basically they are grown for meat of good quality. Ducks this breed have an average weight of 3 kg and drakes – up to 4 kg. Such a decent weight ducks are gaining up to 4 months of age and already suitable for slaughter. Youngsters under the age of 2 months, gaining about 2 kg and is also suitable for the production of tender and not too fatty meat. This additional feed youngsters with special feed is not required.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian Gadwall – this type of meat ducks are born they are pretty good. During the year, a young duck is able to produce about 120 eggs, but sometimes figures can grow almost 2 times. It happens rarely, but 260 eggs a year – a very strong performance. Eggs are oval, small, weighing 70-90, the egg-laying period starts in late winter, when the frost subside and continue throughout the spring. When the cold finally recede, the duck produces 1 egg per day.

Grow ducks is not difficult at home, most importantly to provide a large space for walking and good pastures. For this fit the garden, garden, field, lawn or any other space. Like all ducks, gray Ukrainian, also loves the water. Gray Ukrainian duck with pleasure swim, eat algae and duckweed, but if no body of water in the vicinity, it would have no impact on production capacity. To weight was typed faster and did not decrease with respect to the seasons, you need to feed the geese later. It is best to grow ducks on special feed, but also you can use any food waste, and grain. Corn needed only about 25% of the total diet duck in the warm season, it is quite a bit. With the onset of cold weather the number of grains should be doubled and added to the diet a bit of vitamins: beets, pumpkin, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables and fruits.

Wintering passes for Ukrainian gray ducks without any problems. Birds are not afraid of frost and cold, so the room where winter is not necessary to heat the duck, just need a good litter of straw or hay. The only thing to fear, so it drafts – is the main cause of diseases of ducks in winter. You also need to monitor the cleanliness of the room and make sure that there was no excess moisture. If you stick to these simple rules of care, the productivity of Ukrainian gray ducks will bring you profit and pleasure.

Features Ukrainian breed Gray ducks

Build compact, with well-developed muscular system toned. Bones are not thick, light. Feather light and thick. Oval head with black eyes and strong straight beak. The limbs are short and strong. Elongated toe loop.

Drake different color plumage color: black pen with a green tint, which is particularly well illustrated by the light. The beak is yellow-green. On the neck there is a white bar that resembles the collar. The breast is red, abdominal part and wings gray. On the wings also have blotches of black and white with a blue tint.

Duck different dark brown oval-shaped head with a pair of dark bands. The beak is yellow-green with a darkening of the tip. Color feathers dark brown with a blue tint. Externally Gray Ukrainian ducks resemble wild relatives mallard ducks.

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