Helmets, description

Description pigeons breed helmets, characteristic, content and photos

Description pigeons breed helmets, characteristic, content and photos

Introduced species of the exhibition refers to the breeds of pigeons. The greatest spread of pigeons reached on the territories of European countries, Canada, the United States. Compared with other species, pigeons helmets overly active, lively, brisk and different qualities.

Consider the exterior characteristics of birds: the average size of the head; massive frontal part and flat; powerful and small beak; white, medium size cere; bright eye cream shades; around the eyes thin rings that have light colors; medium size, prolonged neck; beautiful collar, which is clearly visible against the background of the head, it is quite wide and thick, the authenticity of one ear to the other; the body is not very long, it is short, is shaped like a wedge, which significantly narrows to the rear; wings hard enough coagulate; low and powerful legs, there are birds with longer legs, ending without a tail, deep red; white claws; tail is rather narrow. Externally significantly wide variety of colors, stand out only the head and tail parts that are characterized by multicolored color gamut.

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