Vynhyrskaya breed yndeek

Photos and description of vynhyrskyh yndeek

Photos and description of vynhyrskyh yndeek

The breed turkeys medium heavy type with a beautiful snow-white plumage. Because of the color of the pen, the breed is often also called the White or Dutch. The outer body construction is almost identical to the standard bronze turkey: a small but dense body, small head and limbs of medium length. The Virginia turkeys breed is suitable for growing in the home, and at large factories.

Especially farmers prefer this breed of small households, because the feeding does not need a lot of feed and Virgin turkeys can breed easily, since turkey preserved maternal instinct. As for weight, for turkey anchored about 9 kg, and the turkey is 4 kg of live weight. Females can produce up to 60 eggs per year.

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