Pastel nutria, breed description

Characteristics and pastel photo nutria, description and content

Characteristics and pastel photo nutria, description and content

Established representatives of this kind in a way of crossing the breed with black straw nutria representatives nutria or coypu with black pearl.

Pastel color nutria little like the color of pastel mink, sometimes it seems that they are distant relatives of each other. Unique nutria have a light color, as we know, the darkest color comes very rarely, and it is a light brown color. When the kids only see the light, then they will not say that they are the representatives of pastel variations, because the wool color is inherent in the newborn – a dark and has a maturation nutria become noticeably lighter. Most adults have a variety of pastel pets zonal color, and the colors in different areas almost identical, so any excessive coverage of the animal as solid, with smooth shading transitions. In pastel nutria have pronounced undercoat, brown or dark yellow tones. Eyes and expressive large pupils, and often, as in other species, brown.

As pets, pastel representatives are quite common and popular. They demand, for reasons of good breeding, reproductive line. The amateur commercial space also love pets because of their beautiful wool coat. Besides the usual names of representatives of nutria, there is also another version – pastelivye.

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