Goat La Mancha, breed description

Photos, description goat breeds with small ears, La Mancha, characterization, milk production, breeding and maintenance in the home

Photos, description goat breeds with small ears, La Mancha, characterization, milk production, breeding and maintenance in the home

The ancestors of the breed goats are korotkouhie La Mancha goats, a native of Mexico, namely – La Mancha. This habitat goats will further breed name. Mexican goat had low productive qualities, so the experts decided to improve them by crossing to the European high-yield breeds. To create a new breed, called La Mancha, it took about 10 years. In 1958 the breed for the first time provided for the whole world, and it was officially registered.

La Mancha goat breed has an unusual exterior: the muzzle is straight, without bending at the nose, small ears, which is transmitted as a legacy from the Mexican ancestors. This is a very striking feature of La Mancha, at first sight difficult to notice all ears. These inconspicuous ears do goat really cute and pretty, unlike their relatives. Wool is thick and strong, of medium length, color can be absolutely anyone, from snow white to deep black.

Not all breeds of goats equally small ears, we can distinguish two kinds of goats with a different form of the ears. The first does not have cartilage, for what are called crimped, they are a little longer than a second look. Other so-called dwarf ears much less earlier, but they have little hryaschiki whose size becomes 4-5 cm.

The breed belongs to the middle-heavy type, so do not differ a great body mass and growth. Adult La Mancha goat reaches 75 cm in height, with a weight of 65 kg; goat at the withers is 70 cm in height and weighs about 54 kg. This breed of external and productive qualities took an intermediate position between such breeds like Saanen, Toggenburgskaya, Alpine, Oberhazli. Some of them give a lot of milk, but its fat content becomes 3%, other breeds are less productive, but milk has better fat, which is about 5%. La Mancha synthesized in all these qualities, but in the end it turned out somewhere between the above listed species. La Mancha goats milk yield averages fat content of milk is 4%. The only thing that is acquired from the Mexican goat – this appearance, in particular – short ears.
La Mancha goat – this is a very affectionate and docile breed goats, which quickly become accustomed to the owner and he is constantly listening. Very thin feel the relationship to the owner himself, so behave accordingly, the more care about them, the more they will resist management. In our time, the goats can be found in many parts of the world, but the largest number of livestock in the US, where experts are still working on the breed. Breed continue gaining in popularity, more and more farmers to make sure of the reliability and productive qualities of La Mancha. Milk has a very pleasant and delicate flavor, without peculiar smell and taste at the same time sturdy and unpretentious goats.

The main disadvantage is considered the most characteristic feature of the breed – small ears. The fact that due to the small size, parking tag with no number. In this connection, the necessary information on the packed part of the tail, where the coat does not grow.

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