Fainting goat

Photos, description fainting goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description fainting goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Breed fainting goats with a clear deviation feature, which is a paralysis of limbs for some time. The goats like canted legs and she falls to the side, just for this feature is called the people fainting goat. In fact, this disease, which is characteristic of absolutely all members of the breed, as it is called scientifically myotonia. Myotonia – a disease of neuromuscular, which concerns in particular the limbs only. The principle of its action consists in the fact that for some time the animal ceases to control his limbs, as if they were woody and refuse to work. In fact it is the most common breed of goats called Tennessee, but because of this genetic disease locals gave the second name for the goat, which has gained a sustainable character. Homeland is a goat breed Tennessee USA.

Breed fainting goats is no longer being developed, since myotonia is inherited, but appears only in the second generation. The first attempts to cross the Tennessee breeders with healthy goats not crowned with success, so more attempts were not. Experts have studied for a long time all the features of the disease, so that farmers can cope with fainting goats. The main reason is the existence of myotonia excessive nervousness goats. Most often, the disease manifests itself during mating, eating, fear or other reasons that cause anxiety. The younger fainting goat, the more evident myotonia, with age, the frequency of paralysis is reduced. The so-called paralysis lasts only a few seconds, while the animal is turned to one side and holds up the limb, without bending their joints.

The history of dating back to the 19th century, when in the state of Tennessee announced the first mention of the breed. Very interesting is the purpose of fainting goats on farms. Smartest farmers keep these animals as a signal about the danger to other breeds of goats. The principle of operation is as follows: fainting goat feeling begins to take a risk paralysis, which is about the danger signal to other goats. Healthy individuals escape from the place of danger, and fainting goat ceases easy prey for a predator, if he is the cause of the danger. If this turned out to be not a predator, after paralysis Tennessee returns to his flock. Thus, the losses among goats is much reduced.

Fainting goat belongs to the middle-heavy type, so the adult goats reach a maximum of 90 kg live weight with an increase up to 65 cm, females weigh about 30-40 kg with an increase of 45-55 cm at the withers. Once growing fainting goat breed was very common, animals grown for slaughter for meat, which has an excellent taste. Today the breed is considered to be on the verge of extinction, so be protected scientists. Also rare, but still possible to meet the fainting goats and on private farms in our time, as they are very undemanding, passive, wool is easily haircut, very neat. The only negative is that goats can hurt, so they often need to seek the services of a veterinarian.

Since Fainting goats do not lose consciousness in time to paralysis, which makes them the stars of various children’s entertainment programs, and other shows.

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