Alpine chamois, goat breeds description

Description Alpine breed goats, chamois, characteristics, content and photos

Description Alpine breed goats, chamois, characteristics, content and photos

As is known, a special group for mountain goat species in Switzerland territories. Officially, the country found several mountain varieties: Appenzell (appenzel), kamoskiata delle Alpi (camosciata delle alpi), Saanen (saanen), grigioneze striskiata (grigionese strisciata), Toggenburg (toggenburg), fallenzana (vallesana), fertsasheze (verzaschese), and of course alpine chamois (chamois colored goats). The group is under the close inspection of scientists in the ranks of this group which is also called Chamoise des Alpes, Camosciata alpine, or Chamoix Alpine. All selected animals combine several vital signs and destiny. First and foremost – milk and meat type species. Externally, pets can be found for the light or dark brown shades, in the heads of the pupils clearly pronounced black spots such as dark swept away often can be seen on the back, abdomen and legs of animals.

If you describe the features of Alpine chamois goats, that they differ from other unpredictable, that is, in the family found both hornless and horned representatives. Over the period of the Alpine chamois, were produced by many different processes of selection and skreschevalnyh, so there are a few new species that were put on the genetic basis of the species, these species include: fawn Belgian, German improved fawn and oberhazli.

For its own conformation data, animals have the following characteristics: medium size, strong physique; height representatives feminine – about 15 cm, and male – about 85 cm; one adult goat weighing at intervals of 100 kg and the live weight of adult goats – waver in weight of 70 kg; thoracic and abdominal area pets wide, well-developed nipples; most attractive face, with a broad forehead and expressive eyes; ears are located at a low level compared with other species, they are long and narrow, is constantly directed forward. The owners provided a variety characterize pet animals with a calm temperament, loving and very resistant. It is known that the breed Alpine chamois has the endurance to harsh climate or living conditions, in any situation goats are well adapted and acclimatized. If we compare pupils in the chosen porters group, they stand out much their own dimensions, pets much shorter than the other varieties.

Productivity popular varieties of quality and quantity. In goats, who gave birth for the first time, yields are approximately 325 liters and the average number of milk production after several births – about 505 liters. The percentage of fertility in female pets becomes 95%. Newborn goat and goats weighing 3-3.5 kg, and two months babies tend to gain up to 12-14 kg.

Representatives of the Alpine chamois is rightly considered not just pets, but best friends. Almost all the animals like the big companies and are ready to help property owners. Often used as a pack-breed goats devotedly serve a varied cargo moving in an area where other vehicles can not reach. Due to the nature of responsiveness and pets love and appreciate. And endurance and resistance makes it possible to breed animals in virtually any environment. Goats also unpretentious to the diet, characterized by a good immune system, good health and are suitable for different breeding purposes.

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