Conditions of bonsai

Creating the conditions for the cultivation of bonsai, the description and photo

Creating the conditions for the cultivation of bonsai, the description and photo

The owners of bonsai are well aware of the fact that the presented plants are extremely intricate and demand. Any failure in the conditions or content of trees will lead to irreparable results. Often the wrong care can ruin presented species of plants, spoil their own look, or make ordinary potted plant, but not in proportion to the reduced copy of this tree.

Because bonsai technique was based on the Chinese and Japanese territories (these countries have a warm climate), and the plants are accustomed to dwell at high temperatures. Ideally suited for miniature trees tropical or subtropical climate. Given these characteristics, we can firmly state that is virtually impossible for the cultivation of bonsai in our regions. Many fans of oriental art presentation of the facts does not stop, and they with great pleasure trying to create all the necessary conditions for the development of the trees. In fact, the only problem is our cold climate, but there are many different tools in the modern world, which will help to create a tropical atmosphere around the bonsai.

Tackle sowing varieties presented simply, but the difficulty is not how to plant and how to grow. If any doubts by providing all necessary for bonsai to a tree could grow freely and properly, it is better not to engage in any undertaking: just spend time. There is also the possibility to buy already grown tree, and then continue to develop it. Practical work with more mature bonsai plant is much easier to just planted, but the fact the conditions that are necessary to create not cancel.

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