Anglo Nubian goats

Photos, description Anglo-Nubian goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Anglo-Nubian goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In fact, the correct name is omitting the English, because the true birthplace of the Nubian goat – this is Africa. The fact that the usual habitat of these animals – a country with an extremely dry climate. The ancient inhabitants of Africa for the first time began to engage in breeding these animals in the sands of Nubia, which is located in Northern Sudan. Anglo-Nubian goats were called when the rock hit in Europe and the British together with the French began the robot to improve the breed. In general, received a special, which adapt well under any weather conditions, and relate to the type of meat and dairy.

Anglo-Nubian goats come from England, where specialists have worked on improving the productive qualities of the milk by crossing native breeds with oriental and African species. The result was positive, the newly created breed different beautiful exterior and high performance capabilities. The main difference is a long, thin ears that hang down to the neck. The head is small, oval, slightly flattened at the sides, large nose, a long aquiline. Limbs are long and thin neck deep and subtle. Build strong, muscular, slightly elongated toe, so resembles a rectangle with a small width and a large length. The udder is a very convenient form, and well-developed nipples, so milking is easy. Anglo-Nubian goats – more pets that have a lot of weight and height, adult goat can reach up to 90 cm at the withers. Most hornless goat, but you can often find and horny females, but the Anglo-Nubian goats always have horns, which are an indicator of strength.

Wool in the Anglo-Nubian goats rather short and not too thick. Coat color can be quite varied: black, white, brown with completely different hues, sometimes you can meet goats, wool, which will have a mottled coloring. With proper courtship coat has a beautiful gleam. The nature of the Anglo-Nubian goats are very unpredictable: the animal can calm myself pasture grass, and can run around and bleating loudly, in many ways it also depends on the owner, because the more goats feel comfortable, the less noise from them. To keep a flock at home, it is better to choose an assistant dog, because the children will not be able to cope with such a large and active goat.

Breed Anglo-Nubian goats to treat severe type, respectively, to feed them and need more space. Mature goat can reach 75-80 kg, and the goat is much more – up to 130 kg. Because such a large weight, many farmers grow Anglo-Nubian sheep for slaughter, but basically all the same goats used for milk production. Dairy products are the Anglo-Nubian goats is a great indicator of fat – about 6-8%, and the amount of protein in milk, which is 3.7%. Milk is sold in raw form or used to produce dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese. What is particularly important as the milk is its specific taste and smell, in the Anglo-Nubian goats milk neutral smell and pleasant taste. The more goats were kids, the more milk she is able to produce: A young goat in the average yields about 800 kg of milk per year, and more mature – 1200 kg. Also, the number and content of milk affect conditions are better than the more milk can be obtained.

Nubian goat breed descriptionIf grown Anglo-Nubian goats at home, you need to carefully monitor the diet because it is mainly affects the productive qualities. If the goat is beginning to diminish yields, then you need to look for the cause in the diet: maybe a goat gets enough vitamins or require additional, enhanced feeding. If this happens in the winter, then clearly that the animal lacks the vitamins that you need to present as a vegetable, but if in the summer, you can contact the store and buy special food with a lot of trace elements. Especially it concerns the Anglo-Nubian goats, and the like, for example, Russian or Nubian species, can produce good yields even with incomplete receipt of vitamins in the body. In this range of Anglo-Nubian goat is slightly inferior to his brethren, as it is more capricious and vulnerable.

Teen goats after the first mating give very little milk – all of 2.5-3 liters per day, but with each subsequent tupping gradually milked a goat and starts to give about 4 kg. The milk is no unpleasant odor, it is bold and pleasant to the taste. No peculiar smell not only in milk, but in most goats. This is certainly excellent quality, as most other breeds of animals produce very unpleasant smell, which many can not tolerate. Smell is not not only goats, but also goats, which can significantly reduce accommodations animals as goats can not be separated from the goats in a separate cage.

Purely Nubian goats are a little different from the Anglo-Nubian, primarily the fact that hornless individuals can not be found among this breed, with both male and female. Nubian goat a little less English kinsman: the growth of the adult animal is 90 cm, and weight – 80 kg. In all other significant differences can not allocate.

Fertility Anglo-Nubian goats excellent: goat leads at a time, three kids, all for the year is 6 kids. The fact that the Anglo-Nubian goat souse 2 times a year. The offspring are born healthy and strong. When the little goats grow and gain weight, often carried out the slaughter. Meat young kids appreciated because of its extraordinary tenderness and a pleasant taste.

Nowadays the breed is known throughout the world and enjoys a good demand. Since the beginning of the 20th century Anglo-Nubian breed was imported even in America, where it began to actively cultivate the local farmers.

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