Pakistani goat Komori

Photos, description breed goats chamber, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed goats chamber, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the territories of Pakistan representatives of the chambers (kamori) are a fairly weighty rock goats, besides them, the home represented the species is still quite significant bits of goat, Dera Din Panah, Nahin, Teddy (English-speaking names: beetal, dera- din-panah, nachini i teddy) and even other species that in the pouch is approximately 33 varieties of animals. Meet one of the important species can be in the areas of Dadu, Larkana city or Nawab Shah in Sindh provincial region and Pakistan. But as you know, the main place where goats are bred varieties chamber – the three largest provincial district of Sindh.

Animals are dairy type breeds. For its own conformation characteristics, representatives of the chambers have: a large or medium-sized trunk; goat body quite developed, long, with a well-expressive nipples. Externally, the goat has the original red, brown, white or black spots. The breed is popular through their own productive dairy characteristics, almost average results should be approximately 1.5 liters of milk, it is rare, but caught the representatives of this species that are able to milk about six liters per day. Goats breed chamber have a unique immune system and compared with other species, are very resistant to bad environment that multiple parts of Pakistan has become a source of funds for existence. As shown by statistics, recently presented above species is exploited in the territory of the Arab countries, which are considered to be a real find, with amazing meat qualities. This is what led to the disappearance of the species in Arabia markets. And in fact, it has a high animal meat flavor characteristics. And anyway, the representatives of the chambers of breed surpass your own data set of other species, which is not surprising. Goats are quickly gaining live weight, while greatly benefit against the background of other goats, but the indicators of milk and say nothing, because livestock produce up to six liters, which in particular can be called record-breaking results.

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