Biondi Affairs Adamello, goat breed

Photos, description goats breed Biondi Affairs Adamello, feature for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description goats breed Biondi Affairs Adamello, feature for home breeding and maintenance

Besides the world-famous name Biondi Affairs Adamello breed also has other titles: Adani (adany), which is often popular in Iran and Biondi (bionda) that is used in the regions of Italy. But the standard variety is known under the title “Biondi Affairs Adamello” (bіonda dell’adamello goats). As you know, kind of their own conclusions on the territory of the Italian Alps, more precisely in the northern regions of Lombardy. For proper factors, Italic pets belong to the aboriginal mind. It is also proved that there was not a goat breed in Alpine mountain cliffs, so the fact that the Minister the Adamello Biondi (bіonda dell’adamello goats) belongs to the so-called goat of the Alps and Alpine goats that created itself over a plurality of centuries. The name of the first representative of the kind given in honor of a light brown color wool cover. Bіonda from Italian translates as “fair”, as previously pets are often sold there, or else took his assistant, and the second part of the name “Adamello” comes from the name of the mountain where the animals represented the breed was first seen. it was a lot of evidence in the first half of the 20th century that Biondi Affairs Adamello was widespread in the fields of Valle Camonica (which is the provincial town of Brescia), Lombardy, in the northern parts of Italy, especially richly bred animals in Valle Savoyre (Valle Savoire), that Adamello is located in the areas near the road entrance to the mountain. Substantial evidence is photographic, oral and written evidence that survived until today. But, unfortunately, after the species was on the brink of extinction. The action takes place in the years 1950-1985, yet differently this time interval is referred to as a period of neglect.

Today, of course, you can forget about before going on, because at the beginning of the new century, representatives Biondi Affairs Adamello again Lambardii inhabit areas where they are, in fact, and used to live. By estimates of research, in our time, in these regions it is around forty goat herds, where the total number becomes approximately 5000 members of the Italian breed (statistics agreed in 2007). For some were shown a variety of surveillance that revealed some interesting facts. The number of animals in one herd of about 15-20 animals as pets kept in small groups.

Using breed entails more milk production. The lactation of high quality dairy pets produce many kinds of cheese. In the winter, which lasts from November and ending March, Biondi Affairs Adamello contained in farm posproykah, but come warm days – pets prefer to be standing on the street, on the mountain rocks, whose height sometimes reaches 2500 meters compared to sea level, but I stress that this phenomenon is only active when the weather is good.

Italian kind enough productive and popular. The basis for the popularity is the fact that milk from animals produce some of the most recognizable types of cheese: fatuli (fatuli) and maskarpi (mascarpi). First presented cheese product grade refers to smoked and a second presented – to varieties Ricotta. Officially registered characteristics of the breed productivity show that the average income of goat milk is about 250-300 liters. Warehouse dairy product: 3.23% – fat, 2.98 – protein capacity.

Italian Association kozovodov also noted on the record information on the production of milk, which was 550 liters, and the variety is considered to be similar to the result of incredible rarity.

For their own data conformation breed is characterized by medium-sized trunk, tall figures pets – about 75 cm, live weight of adult female representatives – 55-60 kg live weight of male representative – 70-75 kg. Often Biondi Affairs Adamello confused with German breed “Toggenburg» (toggenburg), it is not surprising, since they have only one line, which can be distinguished by one representative from each other – a woolen blanket. Hairs in goats Biondi Affairs Adamello (bіonda dell’adamello goats) and thin in all the body length. Coloring woolen coats are often light brown, which is known as the “blonde”. In the areas of the head, legs, ears and tail, and ventral areas have snow-white spots, which, strictly speaking, the most distinguished two similar varieties.

We mentioned earlier that the name of the breed is partially gone from the fair. So the most important fair is held in the territories of Brescia, in Edolo, and from November, fairs space changes to Lombardy. Features on events such pupils will perform differently. At large fairs, where going to a lot of people, farmers try to present everything prevalence Biondi Affairs Adamello. Presenting not only acting in the actions of the pageant, but also showing the products that produce animals presented, which leads many people to the admiration of the features and originality represented by species of goats, which also bring with them into the valleys.

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