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Description breed goats Rove, characteristics, content and photos

Description breed goats Rove, characteristics, content and photos

One of the oldest and most popular varieties of the breed is represented by the Rove. That these pupils began to massively dilute immediately after hatching. Despite the fact that the species is not listed in the French thoroughbred, the peak of popularity in goats has reached high levels there. If one examines the true historical origin of the ditch, there is information about the exporting of Finnish pupils from the regions.

Over time, the birthplace of the animals lost any sense because such what we see representatives Rove now belongs to the French deserved. That French breeders have for a century been working on modern rock overlooking the Rove. Name of the variety is marching from the name of a small provincial town, which held the main stages of formation of external factors Rove. The place is called «Le Rove» (a few kilometers from Marseille), there is, in fact, made the study of rock core goats or Rove.

Exterior Features presented animals of medium size, strong body; small head, which looks more harmonious, strong and curled horns, and their shape compared with the shape of a lyre (the main difference with other species that immediately notice it), the horns grow quite quickly and adult goats length is approximately 1-2 meter. Color the coat of animals is diverse, but pets inherent in one more feature in the colors, that also distinguishes the breed pit – it is almost visible swept away under the eyes and in the nose. Live weight of adult representatives of the feminine – 40-60 kg, and the representative of the masculine – 65-95 kg. It may seem strange that pets over a long passage made various experiments, try to figure out why this is happening.

The fact is that at the beginning, as soon as the animals imported in France, their own destiny belonged to the type of meat that is very not satisfied with the French. Therefore, local scientists kozovody undertook a thorough study of the varieties of the Rove, and the intended purpose is to bring the generation by a new breed with good milk performance, meat quality because Rove did not differ any special features and quality. For a sufficiently large amount of time the goal was achieved, and the results conquered even the developers themselves next-generation pupils.

Currently, lactic Rove productive varieties significantly increased animals produce high quality milk product that differs own density and fat content, and which also can not be confused with other types of goat milk from other species. But the amount of milk that is produced goat Rove, is not entirely satisfactory. For one lactation period, representatives of the Rove provide only 550-650 liters of milk delicacies.

For years, species of ditch or Rove has not been recognized, the official confirmed the representatives of this breed received only recently and thus fell under the protection of France. Today the number is approximately 5000 inhabitants Rove species, which are also composed under protective supervision Association de Defense des Caprins Rove.

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