Grisons striped goat

Photos, description Grisons striped goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding, milk production

Photos, description Grisons striped goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding, milk production

In addition to the representation of names of Grisons striped (English grisons striped goats.), A species of goat and other title: graubyuden striped, Bündner shtrelntsige (German bündner strhlenziege), grigioneze striksiata (Italian grigionese strisciata). By type of directions of the variety, using pets in the production of milk.
According to current facts, the maximum statistical data on breeding registered in the canton of Grau Bünde, where Swiss native goats are the most popular.

Representatives of Grisons striped rocks differ endurance and habitat. As you know, the best place to live, pets considered rocky mountainous areas with steep slopes. Here such here-extremists pets.

For its own conformation characteristics that animals possess the following characteristics: high-altitude performance pupils – approximately 75 cm from the representatives of the feminine, and approximately 85 cm – a representative of the masculine gender; strong, torso relief; wide, medium back sizes; small head, which harmoniously arranged the horns and short ears; Adult goat weight is 70-75 kg, goats – about 50-55 kg.

Externally, the animals have the basic black or white color of the coat, and often come across the white and black colors. The torso region faces contrasting stripes can be seen, except at the bottom of the feet.

In the first half of the 20th century (around 1931), the representatives of Grisons Striped have their own standard and recognition of them as an independent species, and then received a number of awards and recognitions unique, the consequences of which began to compete with other species of animals from the canton of Graubünden. The fact that animals presented breeds have certain habits and adaptability to mountainous areas, due to the strength possessed by pupils. What’s hard enough losing animals other varieties – Dairy. It is known that milk productivity in Grisons striped significantly lower than the others.

Unfortunately, the popularity fell variations over time, and now their popularity is becoming more than the minimum. Sudden disappearance of the breed is associated with milk production. And even the most avid breeders Grisons striped were forced to recognize the tragedy and the death of a pet species.

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