Kalahari Red Goat

Photos, description breed Kalahari Reds goats, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description breed Kalahari Reds goats, characteristic for home breeding

A relatively new breed of goat meat production – Kalahari Red Goat. The breed was created through the careful selection of the most robust and productive goats ancient local breed, which resemble today’s Kalahari Red goat. They had the same red skin and drooping ears. But only selected large, healthy and highly productive animals, and later began to breed them inside. So, we get a new breed of positive characteristics, which are hidden deep in the genes.

The ability to adapt to any weather conditions was the excellent, in fact it is because of this breed has gained popularity and in colder countries. Frost, wind and rain are not afraid to Kalahari Red goat. Over the last quarter century, breeders have worked hard to improve the productive qualities of the breed, while maintaining hardiness. Kalahari Red Boer goats often are compared because of their productive qualities are approximately at the same level.

Under standard conditions of a goat can dial 115 kg and goats weigh about 80 kg. Goats are born small, but breast milk goats daily can add 200 to 400 g, and the average for the week would be about 1.5 kg. To get the most out of the goats need quite a bit: to provide clean, dry, stable and secure food. Such simple and clear rules suited to many professionals and novice farmers.

Surprisingly, no relationship with South Africa, the Kalahari Red Goat has not. Experts for several years studied the history of occurrence of the breed, but did not come to the same conclusion. The only thing that was able to identify with certainty is the fact that one or more ancestors failed to allocate specific breeds. This means that in this breed there are so many different mixing of blood, or vice versa, is a unique breed, which has no analogues. When registering indicate only one thing – the link between the South African goats and Kalahari Reds no.

In addition to winter hardiness, and is to provide an excellent adaptation to the hot conditions. Thanks pigmentation tolerate high temperatures Kalahari Red goats is easier than any other. Goats can be a long time in direct sunlight without any harm to health. The brown color of the wool allows perfect blend with the environment, so hard to notice their predators. In addition, goats hardly get sick, so you can save money on vet services.

A number of positive qualities puts Kalahari Red goat, a world leader in the production of meat.

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