Lacombe breed pigs

Photos, description Lacombe breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Lacombe breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Introduced a variety of breeds of pigs Lacombe related to meat production. For the first time in the light of Lacombe Pet species appeared on the territory of Canada. Later, in a few years, representatives of the breed were observed in regions of the country (about 1960-1970). In the areas of homeland variety, Lacombe is fairly well known, and the percentage of the acquisition and dissemination of pets exceeds the average. The creators were presented breed pig-breeders have achieved these results in a consequence a lot of rock-reproductive mating. Participation in the creation took representatives on listed species: pigs Landrace, Berkshire and other species. The results coincide with the original objectives. The new generation of different intensive ripening, which is enough for about 4-6 months (130-170 days). The new generation also has good conformation figures and strong constitution. Lacombe need 3.0-4.5 feed units per kilogram of body weight.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. So, pupils have: small, sturdy trunk that is particularly long. Do pets rather lower legs due to what can be a good look in contrast, cold constitution. As pets, pigs Lacombe have a calm disposition. The main purpose of the initial withdrawal of species was to improve the level of growth, special attention was focused on women’s representative (sows). Scientists have tried to increase the percentage of multiple pregnancy, weight in the process of weaning, growth rate, effective quality nutrients conversion, carcass quality live weight at slaughter and to raise the bar of the immune system, which contributes to physical health. At the moment, all the goals have been achieved, and the kids who bring-Lacombe mother, different qualities of the individual’s own content and have a high level of meat productivity. A number of self-fertility mothers pigs improved nearly doubled.

More and more breeders use provided by a variety of reproductive crossing. In industry, this process is important for the final hybridization breed. Especially well-crossing occurs with older pets males (boars).

Lacombe breed is on its own characteristics of the original and unusual. The features of their pets become calm behavior, resistance to stressful situations. How productive animals, swine carcasses homogeneous, high fertility, a good percentage of the resistance according to rhinitis, as well as excellent indicators of fattening qualities. Advantageously, the kind of pets they find in areas of appearance – in Canada. But despite this fact, Lacombe pigs were imported and other countries, where pets are also respected and happy breed.

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