Arabian horse

Description, photos, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Description, photos, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Thoroughbred Arabian horse breed is considered one of the oldest in the world. Some experts assert that they exist here already 5000 years in a row. The exact age of the rock hard enough to establish, but the fact that it is quite old – a fact. Many horses from around the world in one way or another have a number of blood Arabian horses. And at the present time it is one of the most common species in the world.

Homeland Arabian horse is the Arabian Peninsula, where the breed was developed back in the 4-7 centuries AD. She is the first among the horses in the East. Thoroughbred horses are only those whose ancestors lived in the Middle East, Egypt and North Africa.

Purebred Arabian horses have a long lifespan, some of the individuals to easily live to 32 years, constantly lead inheritance.

Arabian horses are easily distinguished from other species thanks to the correct shape of the head. The muzzle is elongated, thin, wide forehead; ears small, triangular, set each other very closely; round eyes, large nostrils. Tail radically elevated, due to the form of that arc. Chest is strong, well developed, and the extremity is not too strong.

All Arab horse different character: they are fast, hot and impatient, but can make any weight. Smart easily oriented in space.

Arab horse in motion is very smooth, graceful, even gallop do not lose their plasticity. The only drawback – it is a step, it is not sufficiently wide.

On the basis of Arabian horses were created thoroughbred horse to participate in races. Arabs themselves are rarely participate in such competitions, but is grown as a very beautiful riding horses. Until now, the Arabian horse is one of the best to Improve the properties of other breeds.

The most ideal proportions have Arabian horses that went from family kohlani. These horses have ideal proportions, because this family were selected only the most powerful and strong individuals. The second after kohlani deemed Kadish and Ateshi. The most expensive and beautiful horses are bred primarily only in Arabia, they are called Necdet.

Color most diverse: red-brown, black, gray, plain or with light spots on the limbs and head.

About Arabian horses go whole legend, composed of proverbs and sayings. All this thanks to good health and endurance horses. Arab horses are popular in runs long distance as they have long been feeling well, without feeling out of breath. Burning character, high speed and good health do Arabs one of the most versatile breeds.

Even half a century ago, Arabian horses were very popular around the world, a greater measure in Europe. But today, the export of Arabs abroad decreased significantly. It happened due to the fact that full-blooded Arabs degenerated, and half-breeds did not have such a value.

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