Galitseisky pony

The content and the Galician pony breeding, photos and characteristics

The content and the Galician pony breeding, photos and characteristics

The breed of the same name with the name of the district, which is located in Spain’s north-eastern side. This is a very beautiful country with a lot of mountain slopes and high humidity. To overcome the heavy mountain path and carrying a heavy load of locals used the Galician ponies. A classic pony Galicians can not be named, because its dimensions are slightly larger, but does not refer to a tall horses. Low growth makes it easy to drop into the saddle even for children and adults use for riding.

More recently, a lot of Galician ponies lived in the environment, back in the 80s there were about 20 thousand. With the deterioration of the ecological situation in the area, as well as massive domestication of wild animals, the number of ponies decreased significantly.

Stud book are from the mid 90s. Geographically, the family ponies spread throughout Portugal and Scotland. Residents of these countries actively used the Galician ponies in the household. In addition to the traction force of the horses also took the valuable wool from the mane and tail which later produced a variety of brushes. But today, when the brush of any piece of material can be purchased in the store, wool is no longer used. In addition to traction, horses raised for meat production. The breed is quite large, muscular, and the food is not demanding, so the Galician ponies became a quality option for meat production.

The locals are very fond of their pony, so every year the festival is carried out where there is a very interesting custom: at the end of the celebration all the horses are released into the wild. But before visitors can for decent money to buy a small horse. So here is a small mountain town has become famous worldwide and is kept afloat thanks to the Galician ponies.

Body Building strong, muscular, well-developed limbs and hooves. The head is proportional to the body with a smooth profile, small ears. Adults Galician ponies at the withers grow up to 1.3 m, color bay. A distinctive feature is the presence of these ponies long mustache.

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