Bergamo shepherd dog breed description

Photos, description breed dog Bergamo shepherds, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description breed dog Bergamo shepherds, characteristic for home breeding

In addition to the representation of names in different sources dogs are also called “Phoenician Shepherds”. Bergamo shepherd dogs representatives that is already clear from the title, refer to the direction of herding dogs that have extremely long and very hairy woolen cloak. Wool pets in any case can not be combed or separate hairs, as it will lead to the loss of protective properties that are given to animals.

Provenance provided by species begins with the fact that their ancestors imported Phoenician traders in Europe. At that time the breeding of such species, representatives of which had long hair, was divided into two areas: Tuscan and Italian. Under the Tuscan direction is meant breeding pets Maremma, and the Italian is in breeding varieties of Bergamo. The first part of the name ( “Bergamo”), the dog got in honor of one of the provincial towns of Italy.

Consider the external characteristics of the breed. So, the average pupil has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weight in this case is approximately 35 kg. Bergamo For dogs, there are certain standards of exterior data, which are very strict and calculate the level of bloodstock. For example, the length of the frontal area must necessarily reflect actual faces. The dimensions of the head are two-fifths of the growth, which has a pet. On his head placed hanging ears, a bit like small triangles that are completely covered with long hairs, in other matters, as well as all the body. Expressive eyes, the color of which varies and depends on the colors of the coat, but in all parts there are various shades of brown eye. The main uniqueness and pride of this breed is that they are incredibly dense, fairly long and somewhat wavy hair. Suits are among the species found any solid saturated blacks or gray mottled prints. When born Bergamo herding dog completely white color, it is considered an outcast, as a solid white color exterior drawback.

Typical animals morals can only praise, because they are wise, peace-loving, active, but, despite this, the education of pupils should be engaged in a demanding owner, because the animals are quite stubborn. If you train a puppy from an early age under the guidance, they will be obedient, dutiful, and dogs are predisposed to taming. For their owners herding dogs become true friends, faithful companions and hardworking helpers.

Over time, a lot of shepherd dogs have lost their direction and quality have become increasingly used for its original purpose, but they obviously do not apply the Bergamo herding dogs, because they still play a role perfect Shepherds, which are unimportant weather conditions, thanks to their woolen cover. One such pet is able to cope with all the great herd, to maintain order, to protect against intruders and prevent theft. Regarding the use of pawls in the other direction, it is necessary to further train the animal. The fact that shepherds laid instincts in animals at the genetic level, but for other duties or teams need a few more training, and from an early age. Due to the fact that the doggies need to constantly walk, spend your energy and have their own space, the breed is not recommended for living in the apartment.

Over the period of many fans noticed a unique view of the variety, so pets are quite popular and widespread, dogs do not belong to the rare species.

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