English Setter dog breed

Photos, description breed dog English Setter, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed dog English Setter, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

English setters are birders purebred English origin. Despite the official name, parts of all the dogs termed as “English”, and fully deserved.

Some sources tell that presented breeding species studied known Englishman named E. Laverack, he created such popular dogs in the world. Derivation of English setters happened way reproductive crossing pets imported from different nurseries, as well as participated in the several types of setters. When combining both dog lines, the light appeared as the title of dogs coloring “Belton”, which translates to English as “spotted”. The first mention of the species represented can be seen even on the second half of the 15th century, immediately after removing the breed became very popular and common in the Great Britain territory. Already in the first half of the 19th century, was the first officially registered exhibition of English setters, this was due to attempts to revive the primitive English setter breeder – E. Laveracks. After the death of the main breeders breed their habitat occupied by another breeder – Llewellyn.

Consider the exterior characteristics of these dogs. A feature that is inherent to the birth of pets is their gait, very close to the cat. They move slowly and gracefully. Body design is large enough, the chest is powerful and massive limbs are similar to the forms corners. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 70 cm and weighs about 30 kilograms. Animals are more mundane. Wool cover different big hair long hairs pleasant to the touch and smooth. Colours are often spotted there or marble shades. pets rich black, black with white, blue, red or yellow colors are especially appreciated. The head part of a medium-sized, neatly placed on his head and a small hanging ears that are rounded at the ends. On the abdominal area and the tail section of the wool has a suspension.

Specific manners in dogs occur in a peaceful, they are very loyal to the owners, they can leave with their children, as they affectionately and tenderly able to play with the kids. Due to the fact that pets are barking very quiet, and very often, when they are experiencing any emotions – are starting to wiggle provocatively tail and snout. The content of the animals are unpretentious, but they differ increased appetite.

Parts of all kinds of use provided is to assist in hunting trips to birds or other small animals. The modern use of the hunting breeds is also common for the purpose of acquiring a pet. Dogs are friendly, great feel in a small apartment, and on the large private areas.

By rare breeds English setters are not, but they are considered one of the most valuable species hunting destinations worldwide.

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